Monday, June 29, 2015

The Wish List

As the wax was burning into my skin at the salon, it made me think about all of the stuff that we've done and the stuff we never got to do.  Some talked about and some never were.  A ton of questions began to run through my mind.  How many of these things can we possibly fit into one last time?  How much time do I get?  Does it have to be one last time?  How many times can I sneak time with you this weekend?  Am I expecting too much?  Will it ever feel like enough?  Are you going to make me choose?  You seem to love making me choose, as if I could.  Choosing means something doesn't get done.  You told me the first time we were together not to make you guess.  So I won't, here's what is on my wish list, in no particular order.

Never done:
  • Wax on my pussy as it was supposed to be before you decide to feast upon me.
  • DP with the vibration on.  I promise to try not to drop to my knees.
  • Fuck me in the mirror, so I can see.
  • Bite me.  Hard enough for me to wear your teeth marks.
  • Your balls.  I just gotta get them both in my mouth at one time.
  • Cum and let it drip down your hands and then let me lick it up.
  • Sit close to me in public and slip your hand under my dress to play with my pussy.
  • Fuck, we never bought a ball gag.
  • Shit, the speculum.  Maybe you can ask Jen to bring one to the party???
  • I bet I could find some handcuffs.  The real kind.  Is it weird that I want my wrists marked?  I can wear bracelets to cover them.

Done, but should be done again for Christ's sake. (Hmm…What's the chance we could find a cross to tie me too? Wait, wrong list)
  • Kiss me deeply.  Take my breath away.  Can we add the wall to that?  Yeah, let's do that with a little fucking force please.
  • Whisper dirty nothings in my ear.  Call me your dirty little whore.  Call me anything, just make it fucking dirty.
  • Command me.
  • Blindfold me.
  • Choke me please.  Take me to that place just one last time.
  • Mark me hard, brand me as yours.  There's no one around to see anything, anywhere.
  • Fuck my mouth until I gag.  Aim for the throat.
  • The ben wa balls, even if it scares the shit out of me to take them out.
  • The big plug, although certainly not big enough to wear after sex.  Maybe before...OOH, maybe I'll wear it for you to your party?!?!  I know we won't be hanging out together, but when you do see me, you'll know I'm wearing it for you.  As long as no one smacks my ass, I won't start panting.
  • Fuck my ass.  The harder and deeper the better as you know.
  • Spank my ass.  Your hand, the belt.  Whichever you like. Wait? Both.
  • Pull my hair while you fuck me.  Should be as hard as you need to use as leverage to drive that cock as deep as possible.
  • Palm job pretty please with sugar on top.  Maybe a cherry would be better.  Ah, fuck it, I'll just squirt on top.
  • Let me at your ass.  If I'm on the bed, straight sit on my face.  Grind a little if you like.  Just let me in there.
  • Restrain me however you like.  Tie my wrists, my ankles, lock my wrists behind my back, or pin in place with your arms and legs.
  • Cum in me just one more time.  Either hole will do.
  • Cum on my face.
  • Cum in my mouth.  I need to taste you a few more times before you leave.
  • Video, pictures…I'd give anything to watch the whole thing from start to finish, but snippets will do.

The questions aren't really meant to be answered and the list isn't meant to be checked off. If I don't at least put all this out there now, I'll kick myself later for not being clear with what I wanted.  Truth is, I didn't plan to be completely alone this weekend, but I'm not the least bit sad about it.  When I told you that I would be, I didn't have much hope that you would even have time, but putting it out there for you to know gave me at least something.  I've never really been your beck and call girl, but I am this weekend. I'm not ashamed of it either.  My plan is to be able to work on the book without worrying about who is looking over my shoulder and simply being available.  And eating, that should probably happen too.  I know that the chance that I'll get to see you more than once (other than the party) is slim to none with everything you probably have to do, but I'm here, alone, if you can or you want.  Let me show you just how much of a needy little cum slut I am for you, while I still can.

XXXOOO (fuck the hugs, I want all kisses)

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