Monday, June 15, 2015

The Flight Suit

I've come equipped with all the toys, but as I lay my bag at the foot of your bed, I already know that we really don't have time to play.  Today will be somewhat rushed.  Not ideal as a goodbye fuck, but if that is what it ends up being, it is what it is.  I was over visiting with you earlier this morning and we had a chance to discuss a goodbye fuck and what if today didn't happen.  Quite frankly, our last encounter rocked my world, so I would be sad not to be able to be with you again but satisfied with how we played out.  However, I got to share that I have all next weekend to myself in the hopes that you could be available as well.  Take some pressure off of us to try and fit something in this week with our crazy schedules.  With so much on your plate, I wasn't really holding my breath though.  Then I saw the wheels turn in your head and the smile spread across your face, and now I can't help but to hold my breath.  I really want one.  I don't want to be rushed or interrupted.  I'm not going to lie, I want it to be epic.  But this is our reality and our life, not some storybook affair.  If today hadn't happened or next weekend doesn't, we had such a good ride, I could hardly complain.  But while I hunger for next weekend, today will still be awesome.  I know that for sure.

We are still visiting a bit while you are walking around the room with clothes in your hand.  I have no clue what you are doing, but I'm intrigued.  Then you come close enough to me to see the army green.  It’s the flight suit.  We've talked about your old flight suit many times.  I've so badly wanted to see it on you since you first mentioned you had it months ago.  I honestly didn't think it would happen.  Just one of those things we talk about.  You were going to have to dig it out of the attic and with everything on your plate, it seemed like a long shot.  I am so fucking excited, I couldn't wipe the smile from my face even if I tried. 

Do you want me to put it on now, or later?

Now, please.

I sink own on the corner of your bed that is in front of the full length mirror as I watch you shaking it out.  I realize that I brought the toys, but nothing to change into for you.  I should be wearing all white or the corset and thigh highs I was in yesterday, but I just wasn't thinking.

Sorry, I didn't bring anything to put on for you.

You just look at me sweetly and say it's ok.  I can't help but to hope that I get to wear those things for you though.  I rest my head on the footboard and watch you step into the suit.  It's been over a decade since you put the suit on, and as you pull it up over your shoulders, I'm completely swooning.  Soaking wet and aching to rip it off of you again.  I get off the bed and make my way over to you.  I place my hands on your collar to adjust it a bit, and I feel a little bit woozy again.  You look amazing.  Powerful.  Green is definitely your color.  I run my hands down your chest to the zipper and trace it with my fingers.  Wishing I could somehow climb in there with you, but you interrupt the thought as you turn to walk away from me.  You head back into your closet and bring out a bag.  It's full of your patches and other mementos.  I sit on the side of the bed closest to you and watch you go through them all.  I glance at each item, but I'm mostly watching you as you go through the memories.  Then you put them all back in the bag and turn to me.

Do you know what the best part of this suit is?


The zipper. 

With that, you pull the zipper all the way down as you step over to me and pull out your cock.  I immediately shove it in my mouth.  Sucking madly, wondering what it would have been like if it had been back then.  In our younger days.  I bring my free hand up and place it on your ass pulling you further into me.  I can't seem to get you deep enough to satisfy my need for you right now.  I like the feel of the suit in my hand though, and I'm rewarded with a good girl that makes me melt even more. 

Which of your holes do you want fucked first today?

I pull myself from you to answer that it's a difficult decision, that they are all so good.  You step away from me, and all I can see is your fucking huge cock sticking out of the flight suit.  I want to sink on to it and make a mess of the suit.  My inner sub is just begging for permission just as you are pulling the suit off.

Get up, get that dress off…Actually the dress can stay on…

Before you can finish the thought, you roughly bend me over the bed, pull my dress up and yank my panties down.  I watch you between my legs as you fight to get the rest of your clothes off as quickly as possible.  Step up behind me, caress my ass as you take me in, and then I feel your mouth on my right ass cheek.  It feels like you run your tongue across it and then rest your full mouth on me, sucking just a little.  I'm in heaven, but all I really want is for you to sink your teeth into me.  I'm hungry for something that I didn’t even know I wanted.  After that quick kiss to my ass, you back up and push your cock in easily.

So wet today.  Did you get this wet while you were thinking about what you would do with two of me?


Which is true, but not why I'm so wet right now. You're referring to an earlier conversation about needing a clone to get everything that sent me down a dirty rabbit hole of lust.  No, this is all from the flight suit and the effort you put into it just for me.

I see you are wearing my mark from earlier.

I don't answer and just smile to myself while I remember the nice swat to my ass during my earlier visit.  I wanted to be able kiss you so bad when you hung out with me this past weekend but we were in public, so between the deep fucking kiss and the firm swat earlier, I would have been a happy girl today.  This is far more than I had expected.

I'm going to fuck your pussy and get you good and wet before I fuck your ass…Do you remember the first time I fucked your ass?

I barely get out my yes between ragged breaths.  You feel amazing already and I'm so hungry after so many weeks between sessions that I can barely stay focused on your questions.

You like when I fuck all of your holes, don't you?

Again my yes spills out between breaths as your pounding picks up.

I'm glad I'm going to have more time next weekend to handle you properly before I leave.

I don't comment.  I'm so glad too though.  You pull out slowly and leave me empty and aching for more.  You step up to me once more, spreading my cheeks to spit on me.  The spit runs slowly down the crack of my ass as you spread it around casually fingering my ass to start stretching me.  Getting me ready for you.

Do you remember the first time I fucked your ass?


You were scared.

Have your seen the size of your cock?  You would be scared too. 

It was true that I was scared.  The thing about that is, I love being a little scared with you.  I know no matter what I'll be fine, that you have me.  Being a little scared just means I'm going to doing something awesome.  I love when you push me past my limits, and that can't happen without being a little scared.  In fact, I really hope I get a chance to be scared with you at least one more time.

But you took it.

Just then you push hard into me, easily making it in and on to the last barrier.  My hands have found their way up to my hair and are pulling tight as you push in further.  I take a deep breath and let it out, relaxing all of me as you push through the second barrier.  As you break through, my body melts into the bed and the thrusts.  Almost as if I don't exist anymore at all.

You know just how to take me deep now.

I moan in agreement.  Yes this comes very easy to me now.  I hunger for the feeling all the time.  I pull my back up a little so I can see between my legs.  I love watching the way your balls hang down and beat my pussy with each of your thrusts.  Like a fucking mind reader, you ask me if I like that very thing just as I reach back and smash them into me.  I let them go and run my hands up to give my clit a loving rub sending jolts though me. 

Pulling out of me and stepping back, you order me to spread my cheeks so you can get a good look at me.  I spread them as far as part as possible and don’t have to wait long before hearing your approvals.  You spit hard on to me and push fully in again.  This time I push hard back into you, rushing as usual and drop my hands from my ass to pull you into me, earning me a gruff warning.

I didn't tell you to put your fucking hands down.  Get them back up there and spread them…Yes like that.  You like when I fuck you in the ass don't you?


You growl at me about the answer I just gave, but I don't catch it between the sound of the fan and a hard smack to my ass.  I just repeat over and over that I love it.  Getting quieter with each pass of the phrase, as I lose myself in the continuous rhythm.  Another question comes, and this time I catch none of it.  I hate having to reply with what, but I have to.  You ask the question again, and I still miss all of it.  Your invasion of my ass is getting more and more fierce and I'm hesitant to ask you to repeat it a third time, but I do.  This time you are much louder, but the fan is breaking up your words before they get to me.  It sounds like you are asking what I do when you fuck my ass.  Only because I'm not sure that is exactly what you are asking, I squelch the urge to yell I fucking take it.  Two more hard smacks land on each side of my ass.

I don't have to worry about leaving marks do I?


Another firm smack comes to my right side and I cry out.  It lands harder than any smack you have ever given me before.  I whimper small fucks as you continue to beat your cock into my ass.  I grip the bed and push hard back into you to soften the blows.  As I lie there taking it all, I wonder for a moment about stopping you so I can grab the vibrator for a little DP icing on the cake.  The vibrator is so far away though and I couldn't talk my ass out of stopping anyway.  You grab both of my wrists, shaking from my DP daydream, and pull them back hard using them to pull me into you over and over again.  The kind of fucking that is both punishing and exactly what I need.  The kind that takes control of my whole body and reminds me of who I belong too and just how you plan to use every bit of me.

You pull out slowly and order me onto my back so you can see it better, and then go grab a towel to clean yourself up a bit.  I shakily get up on the bed, rollover on my back, scooting down the bed for you.  I know you'll want to admire your handy work, so I spread my legs and wait for your return.  As you approach the bed, you pick up my panties to see if they are marked to your satisfaction.  You make no further comments and toss them on the nightstand.  Turning your attention back to me, you ask me to keep spreading my pussy for you.  I wet my fingers and run them through the slit as I spread my lips for you.  The fan is drying me out quickly, but I keep going, putting on a little show for you.  I see a smile spread across your face and I know what has your attention, and it isn't my freshly fucked pussy.

You wore your ring today too.

Yes.  I smile slyly with my reply, because I know how much you like me wearing my wedding rings.  I don't really know why you like it, but I don't have to understand to want to do it for you anyway.  Dragging me down the bed and into your arms, I hear you say something about fucking my smooth pussy.  Push hard into me and find my spot immediately.  I try to keep eye contact, but I am drawn to the action instead.

I'm hitting the same spot I use to make you squirt.

God yes.

You push in and up a few more times while you tell me how you can't wait to paint my pretty little face.  I'm left with only moans to voice my approval, and I resist the urge to ask for it harder.  I'll get more than what I'm looking for for sure.  Instead I settle for something tamer.

You feel so fucking good babe.



Without warning you pull out and push into my ass swiftly.  There are no barriers to breakthrough this time, so you just go back to fucking me good and deep.  You have never fucked my ass while I'm on my back.  I'm kind of loving it, except that I feel like my breasts are far to exposed.  I'm used to them pressed into the bed or better yet, into the cold hard table.  I let go of my firm grip on the bed to smash my tits back into me until I feel less exposed. 

Rub your pussy for me.

I put my hand down and find I'm dry as can be from the damn fan.  Even worse, my mouth is dry from the constant panting driven by your relentless fucking.  I find that I can at the very least lick my fingers.  I do so and bring them back down to rub. Sending gentle jolts of electricity though me as I do and earn another good girl.  I keep bringing my fingers up to my mouth for a lick before bringing them back down.  All while you are pounding away at my ass.  The determination builds and the force you are putting on my legs is increasing to a torturous level so you move to a new position placing your hands beside me on the bed.  Hovering just above me looking directly into my eyes.  You are so close, that it's driving the need for you to be closer.  I wonder if you'll choke me again, and get a little lost in the thought.  Your hand wrapped tightly around my neck with your huge cock fucking my ass would probably be too much and I would pass out from the pleasure alone.  Once I pull my focus back to the situation, all I know for sure is that I need you closer to me, so I wrap my hands around your neck pulling hard with each thrust.  It's hot in the room as it is, but when you get closer, I feel like we might just melt as the heat from our bodies combine to an unbearable level.  You pull back up and the temperature changes immediately, but you are back to using me for leverage.  Pushing down on my thighs harder and harder with each fucking thrust.  I cry out a little and break your hold.  Your reply is simple and sweet as you pull out.

I know…turn over and get on your hands and knees.

I'm thankful the rest, but find it hard to move at all.  I finally get up on my hands and knees, scooting all the way to the edge of the bed and lock my feet against the bedframe for support.  I'm waiting patiently for you to enter me again.

You would have no problem with the big plug now.

Yeah, it would probably slip right in and immediately get lost. 

The reply comes with a little chuckle as I remember having to dig for it last time.  You move over to me and I feel your cock make its way in, so I sink back down deeply onto it.  This is such a great position.  I have a ton of leverage like this and I can ride your cock fast and hard.  Then your comment comes, and I know we're on the same page.

I like this position.  Let's me get really deep.  This is probably the deepest I've ever been.

Your hands spread my ass as you pull me down on to you over and over again.  I'm not sure you're in control though, as I feel like I'm the driving force behind the thrust this time and kind of revel in the power position.  I hold my breath and squeeze as hard as I can as I sink down onto you for a few thrusts.  I can hear it working as your moans drift over to me.  Driving my need to dive down more and more.  I reach back for your balls again and push them into me as I drag my hand from you to me past my wet cunt to my clit.  You hold me steady and pull out very slowly and leave me empty again while you wipe yourself with the towel.

I'm dripping wet babe.

Come get on your knees and suck my balls.

I gingerly get off the bed and into position, as I feel myself run down my legs.  I pull one of your balls in, tug and then swirl my tongue around before letting it go.  Your hand brushing my face as you work yourself. 

You want a quick taste?

You grab my hair right at my forehead and bring my face around to the tip of your cock.  I suck eagerly at the tip.  Greedy for more.  I try to get another suck, but you deny me by pulling me roughly by my hair again, pushing me back into your balls.  I do so love it when you are rough with me.  I go back to feeding on your balls like a champ, giving each ball the deserved attention.  Just waiting for another taste of your cock.  You pull your balls from my mouth as you give me my next command.

Suck it Brandy.

I jump at the chance to fill my mouth with your thick warm cock.  Your hands wrap around my head and you fuck my mouth until I gag. 

Such a dirty girl for me today.  Taking my cock in your mouth right after I fuck your ass.

This isn't a thought that bothers me.  I'll take you however I can get you.  I gag a couple more times before you let go of my head for an answer to your next question.

Where do you want me to cum?

I thought you were going to paint my face.  As I answer, it strikes me funny that I'm not really looking at you.  I'm still gazing at your cock while you are working yourself.  In fact, I find my reply is actually directed to your cock.  As if I'm mesmerized.

Yes, but you have somewhere to be afterwards.

True…then I want to drink it.  Please.

Get down low…there.  Open your mouth.

I close my eyes so I can better hear your sweet release.  My mouth fills with cum and some of it drips from my chin to my legs.  Like you can't help to paint me a little.  I swallow and then lean forward to clean you up.  Suck you in from tip to shaft and you still feel so hard after your release, I run my tongue down the popped veins as you hold yourself tight, and then sink my mouth down the shaft once more before I finish.  I look up to you when I'm done to see the smile on your face.  I'm going to miss the reward of your smile after a job well done.  

Masturbation Monday Week 41 


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