Tuesday, June 23, 2015

You Can Drive

You want me to drive?

The question sort of takes me by surprise.  I've come over this morning to take you to the airport.  I know it's the last time I'll get to hang out with you while you pack and feel your hand in my lap as we make the trip.  Minus a small event where I had to pull my dress off to fix the button on the back, I've kept my thoughts pretty innocent. Had I seen that incident coming, I would have skipped putting underwear on at all.  But instead, all I revealed was some pretty white panties as pure as my intentions when I asked to take you to the airport.  So when the question comes, I have no idea where you are going with this, but I've been too innocent for too long to hold back in my reply.

Sure.  You planning on me fondling you on the way to the airport?

I think I'm being sly and flirty and laughing out loud at myself a little for being too needy.  I saw you for a short time yesterday and managed to keep it clean the whole time.  Another 45 minutes wouldn't have killed me, but I can be good for only so long.  And then I hear your reply, and my laughing stops short.

I was hoping you could suck my dick on the way.

I'm speechless, but my mind is screaming yes and doing cartwheels all the way to the car.  I don't even remember walking down the steps to my car or even getting in.  I just remember you getting in and me facing towards you, wondering when I get to start.  I've never done this before, so I'm getting nervous about the idea.  As we drive to the tollway, I start to get a little cocky just to help raise my confidence.  I put my hand on your neck and start to run my fingers through your hair while I joke around with you.  Possibly a little too much when you tell me you plan to shut me up by sticking your cock in my mouth.  I feign hurt feelings, but all that really does is get me more excited.  Which I imagine was the point. 

I joke around a little more about not getting into an accident. I mean, the future women in your life would just hate me if I hurt that perfect cock of yours.  This is just to settle me down after we really did almost get hit by some dumbass blowing a red light just seconds early.  It does the trick though and my mouth is watering again, and it's not the only thing watering.

Do you think you can make me cum before we get to the airport?

Yep.  Let's do it.

You scoot your seat back a little further, get the cruise control set, and unzip your pants and work to get your cock out.  I want to help, but there is little I can do, so I just try to keep myself from bouncing up and down like an excited school girl on her first fucking field trip. 

As soon as it's out and free, I dive down and greedily put in my mouth willing it to grow as soon as possible as if it's a race.  You've got nice khaki work pants on with a presentation as soon as you get off the plane; I've got pink lipstick on and as much as I would love to send you off to that meeting with a pink ring around your fly, I try to reign it in a little and make sure I don't get anything on you.

I hold your cock tight around the base and work your tip as I let my spit flow down and get you wet enough to really get going.  My hair is wrecking my flow though and I can't ask you to help, but then I remember we are in my car and find a hair tie to help.  Once my hair is out of the way, I sink back down on to you.  Working to get a good rhythm going. 

I've been thinking about this all morning.

The comment drives the desire to succeed as soon as possible.  I'd like it to be as good as you imagined it to be.  Keep working and you have already grown considerably, stretching my hand into its familiar grasp.  I can work your shaft with my hand much easier now.  Up and down, making sure I work all the way to the tip.  My thumb and lips working the most sensitive part in unison.  Your cock fills my mouth in the most delicious way.

Your free hand has moved to grip my ass, holding me in place, but I can't help to wish your fingers would sink into either of my holes.  It seems like the perfect opportunity to me.  With every turn in the road, I'm forced farther into your lap or pulled away.  Either way, I moan in to the force of it and can feel your hips lift in accordance.  You are gently guiding me with your words, making sure I know when I've reached a good rhythm or doing something you love.

Things are picking up speed both in and outside of the car.  My mind wonders about the people outside and if anyone has noticed our escapades.  Then I hit the perfect stride, and your hand starts to make a move while you say you want to see how wet I am.  Pulling my dress up a little farther, yanking my panties out of the way, and plunging your finger down into my pussy.  I moan in response, but am careful not to interrupt my own pace.  After commenting about how fucking wet I am from just sucking your cock, you pull your finger out and I can hear you put it in your mouth and suck it clean.  So fucking hot and hearing you do that is making it hard for me not to pull up and jump in your lap.  I want to sink my pussy down on that fucking cock while I shove my tongue in your mouth to see how I taste for myself, and ride you to the airport so, so bad.  Ok, probably a bit too much and restrain the need by being more forceful, accidently running my teeth down your shaft.  I feel it immediately and pull back a bit.

You're getting much closer now, and I feel you pull out your phone, but I'm not sure if we are taking pictures or video until I hear you talking for the camera.

Just a nice Monday morning on the way to the airport, getting my fucking dick sucked…Come on, suck it…Make me fucking cum…Show me what I've taught you…Such a good little fucking cock sucker.

When you talk to me like that, I can barely contain my excitement.  I moan into your commands and take you deep enough to gag myself on your cock, but don't push too far since I need you to stay clean.  I want you to cum, right there and then, and will it to be so.  You are getting closer for sure, but I still have work to do.  The car goes over a few bumps and it fucks up my rhythm, so I have to fight to get my head back in my control, laughing a little at the injustice of getting so close.  Just a few minutes later you are commanding me again, and this time I know I have won the battle and about to earn my prize.

Ah fuck…Suck it…Yeah, fuck…Fuck…Oh fuck…I'm cumming so fucking hard…Oh fuck…Oh fuck…

I moan into the sweet sound of your release, and my cunt throbs along with every one of your fucks.  I feel your explosion in my mouth before I even taste you.  I suck hard to make sure I don't lose a single delicious drop, and then swallow before I lick up and down your shaft to make sure I got every last bit.  Take you deep a few more times just ease the continued throbbing on my part.

Did you get it all baby?

Uh, huh.  Nothing on ya.


  1. Well, hell, I want to be a good cock sucker like that, too. Unf!

  2. I really like those last three sentences, especially!