Monday, June 8, 2015

I want...

I want to feel your lips touch mine.  To feel your tongue slip into my mouth and our breath intertwine. 

I want to feel the wall against my back.  To feel my toes scrape the ground and your body press into me.

I want to feel my skirt lift and my panties ripped off.  To feel my body exposed like it's meant to be.

I want to feel the determination in your voice.  To feel your breath as whispered commands pass my ears and wash over my mind, calm the noise, steady me, focus me.

I want to feel your eyes on me.  To feel you watch me, read me, invade me and the darkest corners of my mind.

I want to feel your weight on me.  To feel it still me, comfort me, warm me, a not so subtle reminder of your power over me.

I want to feel your hands on me.  To feel them hold me in place, push me back down, pull me into you, fuck me, smack my ass, grip my neck, fist my hair and pull.

I want to feel your cock invade me.  To feel you fuck me, rub me, tease me, hit the spot, stretch me, pound me, build me up, break me, choke me, fill me, all of me.

I want to feel myself let go.  To feel the need ache in me, intensify, teeter, erupt, contract, collapse.

I want to feel your cum.  To feel it's warmth as it washes over me, rub it in, lick it up, drink you down, fill me up.

I want to feel you.  Please.  Because the truth is I don't want any of this, I fucking need it.

Masturbation Monday Week 40



  1. Oh good god...I could have written this myself! This is exactly how I feel about have captured it PERFECTLY...the feeling of release...the calm...the stillness...the letting go. I love this!