Tuesday, July 7, 2015

At First Bite

Last week I sent you a text about how much I longed for you to bite me when your mouth was on my ass.  A simple reply came back, I'll bite you.  I slicked my panties with the thought of it right then and there.  I've never been bitten before, and didn't know I wanted it until just that moment.

Then I sent a list.  It was of all the stuff I still want to do before you leave.  It's a long list and not at all realistic for one last weekend, but a girl's gotta try.  Number 4 on that list - Bite me.  Hard enough for me to wear your teeth marks.  You read the list on the plane, but other than commenting on it being quite a list, you mostly talked about how good my writing is and how it still catches you by surprise.  My heart melts a little with your compliments, so I never ask what you think about what we might actually get to accomplish.

I picked you up from the airport later that day.  So nice to have you home and in my car, chatting up a storm and filling my car with your intoxicating smell.  You would think we didn't talk at all while you were gone, but we did.  There's just so much happening these days that there is a lot to be caught up on.  On my way out to the airport, I had put on a specific playlist made up of songs that you've asked me to listen to throughout our relationship that I love, and I left it on when you got in the car.  The music is turned down so I can hear you talk, but you keep commenting about the songs being good.  I laugh a little to myself, because of course they are, they're your songs sent to me.

My Skin comes on and I know it's your favorite.  I like to watch the smile on your face as each song pops up, but this one is the best.  When you finish telling me your story, we start the song back over and sing along.  Your hand reaches out for mine and my body bursts with goosebumps for the perfection of that moment.  After some time, I move my hand into your lap, your hand follows mine, and we spend the rest of the ride like that.  I wish we could drive all night, singing to songs and catching up. 

As I pull up to your house, you ask me to pull around back.  I do as I'm asked, but I don't understand why.  The nanny is home and so I know you can get in through the front.  When I reach the packed driveway, I just sort of pull across, instead of in.  You make a comment about how you thought the garage door would be closed.  I'm still confused and ask why you want it closed if you are just going inside.

So I can do this.

You quickly pull my long skirt up to my panties, exposing my thighs.  My mind is swirling, because we might be in an alley, but it's pretty out in the open, and I really don't know what you are about to do other than your head is coming down on to me.  As your head first came towards me, I thought maybe you were going to come in for a kiss and slip a finger inside to check to see if I was wet.  No, your head is full on in my lap.  Then I feel it.

Your mouth on my inner thigh with your teeth just beginning to dig into me.  I laugh at first, thinking I did ask for it.  But as your bite goes deeper and deeper, showing me no mercy, my laugh turns to a squeal.  It feels fucking good and hurts like hell all at the same time.  I can feel myself getting wetter with each second that goes by.  The force seems to be getting stronger and stronger with no sign of you letting up.  It feels like you just might break the skin, and I picture the blood running down my leg and mixing with my own juices.  It makes me want to fuck you.  Now.  If we weren't in a car out in the open, I would be doing my best to get you inside of me.  I bring my hands down to your head, run my fingers through your hair and resist the urge to push you farther into me.  At the same time, I'm not sure how much more I can take.  It hurts more and more in the most pleasurable way.  

After what seems like forever, you pull up and look into my eyes clearly satisfied you just marked one thing off the list.  We kiss for a few moments and I breathe you in deeply while my fingers run through your hair again.  I really don't want to stop and my leg is throbbing so badly.  You get out of the car and grab your stuff and give me one last shot of your voice.

It's a long list.

As you shut the door, I laugh out loud at the thought of just how long and all that's on it.  If it's going to be like this though, I want to check everything fucking thing off that list.  I take a moment to pull my skirt back up and check out your handy work.  It's purple and swollen already.  I can see where your teeth dug in as you sucked my flesh in harder and harder.

Bite me.  Check.

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