Thursday, July 16, 2015

A Goodbye to Remember

The last 3 entries were about our encounters over our last weekend together.  This blog has mainly been about our sexual journey, but we have never been just about that.  We've had a much stronger friendship than I could have asked for during a very difficult time in my life.  I'll always be grateful for that.  This entry is a peak into our friendship.

We met the next day for lunch, and a quick rain shower passed over on my drive to the restaurant and then sunshine again.  I felt it was pretty spot on with how I was feeling in the moment.  Sad that this would be our last lunch together and still happy for the next steps in your life.  Not too mention that so many of our encounters happened on rainy days, so it brings back good memories and more.  I sat at a table outside and soaked up the sun until you arrived.  Within minutes of your arrival, it started to sprinkle and you shared your own very similar thoughts during the quick rain shower on the way over.  The sprinkles turned in to a full on downpour and we were eventually forced inside.

Our conversation came easy as usual, but there was finality behind every word.  We were playful and sincere, and I tried to soak in every single word like it was your last.  We talked about your goodbye party, our friends, what you are looking forward to in your new place, my marks from yesterday, and our friendship.  I did my best to keep the sadness out of my voice, but at some points, I just couldn't keep it all in.  You always manage to pull me back around though and we moved back into easy conversation.  I won't give the details of those conversations because just like our first kiss was never shared, these words will never be either.  They both continue to invoke very strong reactions in me even now. 

As you walked me to the car, you reached out for my hand.  A first and a last public hand hold I suppose.  It was a very quiet walk to the car and I could feel the emotions building up again.  I welcomed the silence though, as I'm sure I couldn't speak even if I wanted to.  I wasn't ready to say goodbye. 

When we approached my car, you told me to get in and push the seat back.  As usual, I was taken by surprise but welcomed the distraction and did as I was asked.  You leaned down and kissed me deeply and I could feel your hand making its way under my dress and into my panties.  Of course this is how we were to go out.  Our friendship has always been laced with lust.  You were going to make me quirt in my car in a public parking lot in broad daylight.  My whole body prepared for the assault as I took a quick look around to see who might be watching.

Your hand expertly fucked me as I buried my head into your shoulder to hold on for dear life until the need to cum was just too much.  Just at the edge, I dropped my head back on the arm rest, closed my eyes, and bore down on your hand in the hopes to never let go.  Just then, you wrapped your free hand around my throat and squeezed tightly until the job was done.  So much perfection in that last few strangled moments.

Once I was set free, I looked up at you while I worked to adjust the mess you made.  You told me that the people getting in their car just caddy-corner from us got a good show.  I laughed hard, but all I could think is maybe we should get you out of here before the cops show up.  They for sure had to think you were attacking me.

We said our simple byes, as if there would be a tomorrow, and moved on with our day.

There was a tomorrow.  There was another short amount of time right before you left where we embraced and said our final farewells, again in the rain.  You corrected me at one point during that last embrace and said it was our last goodbye here.  And in that moment, all my hopes were stuffed in a bottle labeled - This Isn't Over.

I hope this isn't our last goodbye.  I know we'll still speak to each other and text.  Our friendship still burns red, and I hope we always have that.  But I've come to realize that I may never be truly ready to say goodbye to our sexual connection.

So whether it is as friends or lovers, I hope to see you again.  xoxo

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