Monday, May 4, 2015

Fully Loaded

To set the scene a little, it had been a very busy week full of conversation about the Sex Map and the pins that I posted, watching videos, taking pictures, as well as some other things that we had shared that we like to do or might want to try.  He's been out of town, so mainly keeping my mind engaged.  It had been so much fun, but also made me so fucking needy I could barely breathe. Time is getting short, so there many things we won't get to, but I plan to have as much fun as possible trying to tick them off.

I knew it would be an interesting day when first thing that morning I received a text that said, "We need to take a field trip to the toy store." and another one that said, "And a titty bar."  That got my juices flowing immediately, but more so when he explained that he was just thinking while he finished his own sex map.

That morning, we have small discussion while you finish your Sex Map about going to a titty bar, which I'm all for, especially with you.  Followed it up with needing to find something to insert that I can wear all day, and a fucking fantastic picture of your cock that makes my mouth water as I jump in the shower.  Your map is waiting for me so I rush the shower, without skipping any steps that you would find important, and eagerly sign on to look at it.  I love the insight to your mind, even if the map isn't ideal.  I ask a few initial questions, but before I get too far, you tell me you have all call at 11 and ask if I want to go to the toy store and pick a few things up and come over for a feeding?

I reply with a sounds fun, but that doesn't begin to describe the feeling when a long anticipated fuck is coming my way.  I work to get ready as fast as possible since it's already almost 11, but another text comes in asking me to checkout a little switch on Fetlife that distracts me.  She's hot, young, and seems very smart from her profile.  Definitely my type of girl.  I finish getting dressed and rush off to the store.

Our toy store is small, but usually serves my needs.  There are a ton of vibrators and dildos, but far less of items I'm in search of today.  I'm having a hard time concentrating on the items I'm after with so many fun things available that I know were on both of our maps, especially when I know I'm running right over to your house afterwards.  I see some beautiful red rope and run my fingers over it contemplating picking it up for us since it was on both of our maps.  Then I remember that I'm here for specific items.  I peruse the ben wa section.  There is little to choose from with a few options missing completely.  I pick a package with detached rose gold balls, mostly because they struck me as beautiful.  I move over to the anal section, which has far more to choose from, but almost all of it is marked beginner. 

I search and search, but either it’s marked beginner or are anal beads.  I haven't ever used a butt plug before, but I'm fairly certain I'm beyond beginner.  You are so big and I've learned to take you fully, and I want something filling.  Mostly though, they just aren't what I pictured.  I want something pretty and jeweled.  I begrudgingly pick up a basic black small butt plug and some anal beads just in case.  After a brief discussion with a pushy sales lady where I have to explain in no uncertain terms that we do not need lube because we do not use lube, I text that I'm done and make my way to you.

When I arrive with my pink bag of goodies, I'm barely able to contain my excitement.  It has been a couple of weeks since our last encounter and I just want to run to the bedroom and strip.  When I walk in though, I’m surprised to find you on a call.  You greet me with a hello so I'm assuming you are just listening.  There is a little more conversation as I am putting my stuff down, but I couldn't tell you what was said.  I’m only thinking about getting naked as soon as possible.  You take the bag out of my hand and walk to the bedroom.  Already taking over for me, and I immediately fall into my role. 

Once in the bedroom, I sit on the bed and watch you go through the bag while a woman from the conference call drones on.  You open the box with the balls, and while they are still beautiful, they are so disappointingly small.  I don’t really dwell on it, since they'll have to do for today.

You move over to stand in front of me and begin to undo my jeans.  I help pull them off, but leave my black lacy panties on.  I watch as you undo your own zipper and pull my prize out while keeping your clothes on.  I drop to my knees since I don't need any instruction to know what you want from me right now and my mouth is already watering.  I take your cock in my hand and bring it to my mouth, taking you deep as possible without getting too close to your clothes.  I'm worried that my red lipstick will stain them.  You're quickly wet and easy to work, so I take you farther having completely forgotten my concern only seconds ago.  The woman on the conference call continues while I stroke, suck and swirl my tongue around the tip, taking you further each time.  I look up and watch you listening to the call as your cock is getting sucked.  I realize that I'm sort of getting that little fantasy that I've had many times, and while you don't have to talk yourself or be quiet since they clearly can't hear us, I really like it.

As I continue to work you, the need to be closer and have more access is building to a threatening degree for me.  I want your clothes off.  I want your ass in my hands so I can pull you hard into me.  I start to move my free hand up your shorts to find your balls while I keep my eyes on you for your reaction.  When I grab hold, you close your eyes and moan.  So fucking awesome to watch you lost in that moment and knowing that I put you there. 

It's short lived though as you grab my head and tell me you want to fuck my mouth.  We take a moment to pull your clothes off and then I take you back into my mouth and deep as I can.  I get lost a little myself as you take over and push deep a few times cutting my airway before you pull out roughly and command me to get rid of my panties and bend over the bed.

I do as I'm told and await further instruction.  I can hear you rummaging through the stuff I bought and I'm told to spread my cheeks.  I spread them wide and wait patiently.  I jump in surprise when you spit hard onto my ass, and I feel the tip of the butt plug.  It's harder than I expected but feels very small compared to you.  As you push it further in, I can feel the weight of the plug.  As the bulb squeezes past, I groan a little with the pain and I'm thankful it isn't bigger.  It hurts as it passes, but then I only feel full.  I am enjoying the weight and feeling, but it's nothing compared to being fucked in the ass by you.  Almost makes me want it more.  No, it for sure drives that need more. 

The conference call plays like music in the background and the only thing that bothers me about it is I'm having a much harder time hearing you speaking to me.  You're saying something now as you are getting yourself ready to fuck my pussy, but I can't hear it.  As you push hard in, I get the first taste of what it is going to feel like for you to fuck me with the plug in.  I want more.  You push hard into me again, this time breaking through completely and push the plug deeper into me as you do.  I let out a ragged moan moving my hands into my hair pulling tight.  You push my back down to the bed and fuck me steadily as I get used to the foreign feeling of being so full. 

Finally, I hear your voice over the call asking if I'm going to get sent home with my butt plug in and a belly full of cum.  I answer yes, because it's the only word I can get out between moans.  I love this full feeling.  It reminds me of the DP encounter a bit, although you were fucking my ass then and that thought drives the desire more.  You ask me to reach back and take a hold of your balls, and I jump to the task.  Reaching back and pull down hard and then push them equally as hard into me while I listen to your voice and soft moans.

Yes, just like that.  So much bigger than the peanuts you're used to.  Can you feel them smack your pussy with each thrust?

I don’t really answer but let my moans get louder in approval while I run my finger down the crack of your ass before I let them drop.  You go on to ask me if there was anything on your map that I want to try and I really, really want to answer.  I try to still myself against your blows and grip the edge of the bed hard to answer, but it does no good.  I'll have to revisit the question, and I let myself fall back into the rhythm. 

When I don't answer, you move on to tell me that maybe we should get Elizabeth to come with us to the titty bar and then she can watch you suck my cock on the way home.  I moan a yes that sounds good, but then you ask if I would want to watch her suck your cock also.  I moan another yes, and I know I would.  While I'm contemplating that scene and how hot Elizabeth is, you pull out and leave me breathless.  You order me to feel my cunt and see how wet I am.  As I run my fingers down my slit, and feel for the first time the hard handle of the plug sticking out as well. 

Moving back over to me, I feel the cold hardness of the first of the tiny balls being inserted into my soaking wet pussy.  As the second one is inserted, I can feel the weight of them as the move about inside of me.  I'm not given much time to get used to it, as your cock pushes hard into my pussy filling it deeply with the thrust.  I'm so full it feels like I'm going to explode, but I love the weight of the balls as they are pushed around.  A hard smack to my ass adds to the jostling as I jump in surprise.  It comes hard and swift and stings in the best possible way.  Feels like someone has decided to stop holding back on me and I’m left throbbing in gratitude.

I hear you talking to me when I come back from the high of the smack, but I can't hear you over the conference call.  You repeat yourself and this time there is a roughness in your voice that makes me want to beg for forgiveness after making you repeat yourself.  You want to know if I want you to cum in my mouth.  I do my best to let out a strangled please. 

Please what?

The roughness is still there and I want desperately to answer loud enough to be heard over the call but you are pounding me hard and the balls are pushing me over the edge. 

Please what??

Louder and rougher this time with my name punctuating the demand and I know I have to answer.  You never let up on me though and I use all of my strength to keep my breath steady and voice strong.

Please cum in my mouth!! Please fuck me harder!!

With my reply you pick up the force and the pace, and smack my ass harder than you ever have before and I start to whimper.  Little fucks are release between them, and my legs almost buckle from the building pressure to cum.  You ask me if I want you to fuck my ass before we finish, and I know I ache for it, but I'm so lost in the plug being pushed deeper and harder, the balls filling me and your relentless pounding, that I have no idea what ever happened to the idea.

I come back to the present when I feel you pull roughly from me and order me back down to my knees.  Telling me to get in my place.  Where I belong.  You work yourself as I drop carefully with the plug still engaged.  Find my spot and devour your balls like I haven't eaten in days.  I'm looking up while I do and listen to you talk about that girl that you told me to check out this morning.

Are you going to send her a little love note?

Do you want me to?

Yes, I want you to tell her what a little slut you are….

I don’t catch the rest because the conference call gets too loud.  You stop working yourself for a moment and hold your cock up so that I can move to the other side.  As I move over, you have the head gripped tight and pull it down for a quick taste.  I suck hard at the cum already sitting at the tip and I already want more, but it's taken away from me.  I take your other ball in slowly while I look up at you, swirl my tongue around and suck a little harder.  I return my gaze to my work, pulling your ass closer to my face and I lick from your ass back to your balls, taking one in again.

I hear your warning that you've been edging for a few days now so I should be prepared for as much cum as when you last painted my face.  I welcome the idea.  I can't wait to drink you down.  You start to tell me that you have to keep stopping while I suck your balls or you're going to explode, but stop short and ask me if I know what edging is.  I let you go to answer that I do.  It makes me wet just thinking about it and I'm afraid I'm going to lose my own ball, but I hold tight below as you ask if I'm ready for your cum or do I want you to fuck my pussy some more.  I start to answer that if you are already holding back, that I want your cum now, but I am interrupted by your order to get up on the bed on my back. 

I jump up and get ready for a pounding.  You push in hard once and then again.  And then you stop, pull out and yell at me to get on my knees quickly.  I jump down, ignoring the bump from the plug so that I don't miss the shot.  You grab hard on to my hair at the scalp and cum in my mouth.  I lap up the cum as it hits and lose myself in the sound of your release.  No better sound to me in this moment.  You step away with a huge smile on your face just as everyone on the calls says their good byes.  You remark that she's done and turn the phone off.  I reply with my own smile and say you are too.  Perfect timing.

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