Monday, May 11, 2015

Going Back for Seconds

I spent the morning writing up yesterday's encounter.  I couldn't resist the urge anymore to text you a good morning and let you know that I was working on the story and it was driving the need for me to see you today.  I don't actually expect to see you again so soon, but just want you to know that I want you.  In answer, I receive pictures from the gym so I can see how hard you've been working out and even better a picture of you sweaty after the gym.  So not helpful, but you know that.  I finally finish the story and send it to you for review.  I send a text letting you know its waiting and that if the housekeeper wasn't here, I would find a quiet spot to take care of myself after writing.  The following text exchange occurs in response to reading the story:

I'm hard.

I want it.

Want to drink it?



I don't have much time.


Come get it if you like.

I throw some shoes on and head out the door like giddy fucking school girl.  I pull up to your house, leave everything in the car, and race up to the door.  The door opens, I walk in, slide my jacket from my shoulders as you say hello and ask how my morning is.  I never really stop heading for your bedroom, let the jacket fall to the floor as I go and reply that is has been good and about to get better as I continue past you.  You shut the door behind us and the world melts away.

I approach the bed, kick my shoes off and leave everything else on.  You have come in and made your way to the other side of the bed, which is unusual for us, and start to undress.  I come over to meet you as you warn me you haven't gotten to shower yet after the gym.  It’s like it's my fucking birthday or something today, and a huge grin spreads across my face.  The smell of you after a shower with all of your man products is wet inducing for sure, but that pure Jay smell, stronger after a workout, that will stop me in my tracks and make me lose track of what I'm doing.  You catch my reaction as I approach and wearing a grin of your own, reply with I thought you might like that.  I answer with I do as I help take your shirt off, and lean in to give you a kiss as I run my fingers down your solid chest passing your hard nipples on my way to my final destination.  Your own hands help guide me the rest of the way as I come to rest on your semi hard cock.

I stroke you gently, and use my other hand to take hold of your balls as I do.  Once I am settled, your hands find a new resting place of their own.  One holds my head in place and the other is wrapped firmly, without threatening, around my neck.  I know it's going to be a while before I get another kiss this good so I sink fully into it.  Your hand tightens just enough to change the shape of my windpipe and my breath sounds foreign as it passes through your grip.  You lift slightly and I'm on my tip toes as you kiss me deeply.  The strangled sound of my breath echoes loudly in my ears as we continue to kiss, and I feel for the very first time that you hold my life in your hands.  My body relaxes into your hold and I fall deeply into my trust for you in that moment.   Without loosening that grip, you pull my head down to your chest and whisper into my ear that you plan to choke me while I cum soon.  I breathe you in deeply and hear that foreign sound again as my breath struggles just enough to rush past your hold.  Realizing that I have stopped stroking your cock during the kiss, I release my own tight grip from your shaft.  I open my eyes just as you continue your thought.

But first I want to watch you suck my cock in the mirror. 

You release your grip, start guiding me down, and I watch myself in the full length mirror as I sink to my knees.  I turn my gaze back to you and take your cock deep in my mouth.  There is no more guidance, your hands at your side, letting me show you what I can do.  I continue to get you wet and work your shaft fully to the tip.  Up and down, running my tongue against the gentle ridges as I go.  There is just the slightest hint of salt as I go and I take a moment to look up at you.  I hear a soft moan from you before you jump into telling me how I've become such a good cock sucker.  I hum my approval as you continue.  Quite the little cum slut.  Telling me how hard you got thinking about me wearing that butt plug yesterday.  I hum another approval. 

You take yourself into your own hands and signal for me to move to your balls.  I suck one in as your hand works so closely to my face.  Tugging gently, and swirl my tongue around it.  The dialogue continues as we work.

Do you think Elizabeth will like reading about herself in the blog?

Yes, I do.  I go back to work, moving to the other side and take your other ball in my mouth.  This time tugging a little harder as I go.  I’m aching to hear another soft moan from you.

You never told me about taking the butt plug and the balls out.

I pull away again to answer.  I kept them in until after dance class, so waiting on the hard bench for 2 hours wasn't all that fun.

You wore them all day?

Well, yes.  You said you wanted me to...

Good fucking girl.  A small moan escapes you as you contemplate this, and I continue with the story. 

I lost a ball while I was waiting at dance.

You chuckle a little with surprise.  You lost a ball?

I didn't lose it, I mean I still have it.  It just dropped out of my pussy.  I laugh a little myself. 

Did it roll across the floor?  A little more laughter from us both as your continue to work yourself inches from my face.

No, but I did worry about that.  It just dropped into my panties and then I went to the bathroom to retrieve it, praying it didn't escape on my way.  A little more laughter, and I think this is probably the lightest conversation we've ever had in the midst of a session.  I kind of love kneeling in front of you talking, while you are working yourself over.

I go back to sucking what is now a rock hard cock, having benefited from your expert hands for sure.  I am a little too aggressive, still worried about time, and scrap my teeth down your shaft.  You don't seem to flinch, but I try to ease up and just work the tip a little until I settle down.  My hand doing most of the work for me.

You pull out once again and order me back to your balls.  I grip your ass hard and pull you fully into me.  Moving to another subject, you ask if I am going to write that girl.  I pull away again to answer.

Yes, but I didn't get to hear what you wanted me to tell her.

I'll let you decide.

Are you sure? Because it seemed like you had a specific idea.

Yes.  I want you to say what you want to her.  I'll let you know what I think about it later.

I go back to sucking your cock while I think about how you are being so mean.  You know I crave the direction.  Probably a good thing though since the direction your note was going was very kinky and she specifically says she doesn’t want to talk kink right away.  I don't like it either, so I'm bound to respect her wishes.  I take you as deep as I can cutting off my airway over and over again until I hear your request to look at myself in the mirror.  I concede and it's beautiful really, although would be better if I was much closer to naked.  I love how my long red hair falls down my back while my head is tilted taking you in.  I pause for just a moment to say that it's a pretty picture, and then go right back to work.

Do you want a picture?  Or maybe a video of me painting your face again?

I don't answer.  Just keep working trying to see how far I can take you before I hit my gag reflex.

Or do you want to drink it down?

I pause and look up at you and I run my hands down your legs before I answer.  I don't want to stop.  I want to drink it.  Please.

Come over to the bed and lay back with your head at the edge.

I do as I'm asked and get ready for you to step forward over my face.  I hear your direction to suck on your balls like I love to do, but I am already greedily trying to work them both in at once, even though I know it's impossible for me.  I bury my face deep in your ass as I do and I feel you rock a little.  That just drives the desire to dig in more and even my jeans are wet at this point.  I know that you're talking, but I'm only catching bits and pieces.  I'm so lost and desperate for you to cum.  I hear a gruff you're going to make me cum, and I dig in harder.

You step away and tell me to open my mouth.  I do as I'm told and close my eyes, patiently waiting to be fed.  I hear the familiar call of your release as several ah fucks come racing out and my mouth begins to fill with your warm salty cum.  Seems like more than yesterday as you just keep going.  My name a soft echo in the room as you fill my mouth.  I start to wonder if I'll overflow just as you start to die down.  Without swallowing, I take your cock in my mouth, using my lips to clean you as I pull them from shaft to tip.  Once I let you go, I swallow with a mmmm possibly only heard by me.  I take you in one last time to savor the taste, and lick the tip clean.  I'm sure I have the biggest smile on my face as I look up at you and give you a well done.  We both laugh a little at the silliness of the comment and get ready to move on with our day.

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  1. That made me want to go back for thirds and fourths, let alone seconds! Very nice!