Monday, May 18, 2015

Date with the Belt

Get up and bend over the bed.

Your command comes as soon as I raise my head from your cock to help get some wayward hair out of my face.  As I work myself off the bed, I glance over at the nightstand and see the pretty new silver butt plugs in different sizes and some intimidatingly large ben wa balls.  I turn around and assume the usual position and wait.  I'm asked to spread my ass cheeks and I comply.  Still waiting for what's coming.  Your approval comes with a Yes, just like that.  I can't see you though.  I'm wondering if you are working yourself while you are taking me in or getting one of the plugs ready.  Then I feel the cold harshness of the butt plug invading my ass.  You are pushing in so very slowly and I'm holding my breath until I get passed the bulb.  I just keep stretching though, so I know you are using the big plug.  It feels like it goes on forever and then finally the release comes as it breaks through.  You take a minute to adjust it and make sure I'm good and then tell me to stay there.

I turn my head to watch you move from me to the end of the bed and take a second to reach back and feel the large plug.  I prefer the feel of this one to the last one we tried.  Not just is it far more filling and I can’t wait to feel you fuck me with it in, but it feels as pretty as I know it looks.  The other was black with a simple black handle and looked more like a handle on some bland container.  This one is a thick silver circle that fits flush against my ass with a light green jewel inset.  My appreciation for the plug ends abruptly when I hear the rattle of your belt.

I zero in on you as your jeans come into view and I see you pulling the belt from the loops.  We've talked about it a few times and each time I'm wet with anticipation.  But presented with the real thing, I find myself nervous and a little afraid of what's to come.  It doesn't keep me from squirming and throbbing though.  I stop watching to calm my nerves and close my eyes to concentrate on you, hearing the leather rub together while you fold the belt in half.  My stomach drops in anticipation.

I hear the belt cut through the still air before it makes contact and I brace myself for the blow.  It's not hard, just a warm up and my nerves are completely gone with a softly released Ah.  I hear you lay the belt down as you step right behind me.  Rub your cock up and down my slit spreading the wetness the crack of the belt left behind.  You push hard into me, but don't make it fully in.  Press hard again and she grants access allowing you to push the plug deep as well.  I whisper fuck me in smallest voice I can.  I know that if you hear me you'll show no mercy and I need a moment to get used to a plug so big.  You fuck me slowly and fully, almost a torturous pace.  It's so quiet that only my ragged breaths can be heard as I take you in over and over again.

After I get a chance to get used to the feeling, you command me on my back.  I do so, instantly spreading my legs for you to see the already well fucked pussy while you work yourself a little.  You pull me down the bed into your solid arms and push hard into me.  It takes my breath away.  Other than a comment about how smooth I am today, you are again quiet.  Fucking me hard and relentlessly.  My moans are the only sound and they fill the room over and over again.  I put my hand on your leg to help soften your blows, and a growled command escapes you without ever letting up on your pace.

Get your fucking hand out of the way.

I kind of want to die in that moment.  I can't remember ever feeling like I made you that mad.  I move my hand immediately and as if you are punishing me you fuck me harder and faster.  I find myself almost whimpering.  I'm not in pain as much as I'm being pushed beyond myself and not allowed to pull away from such intense pleasure.  I wrap my hands in the sheets and hold on for dear life. 

The rhythm changes and you pull out leaving me with an empty feeling.  Reaching over to the nightstand, you grab the balls.  The first one slips in so easily.  Your thick cock has stretched me good already.  I feel an instant change in the most indirect way.  I don't feel the ball exactly, just a change.  The second on goes in just as smoothly and I feel them now.  Like a small weight sitting there waiting to be pushed around.  Pull me down again and push hard into me.  I want to explode.  I've never felt this full.  I let out an Oh Fuck and you pick up the rhythm again without mercy.  I reach down and grab your balls in my hand.  Smash them against the plug to soften those blows.  I can no longer take the force in which you are pushing down on my legs and turn slightly on my side.  You help guide me over and pick the pace up again.

I love this position.  Being held down in place and the foreign feel of your thrusts hitting an all new spot.  The feel of your balls as they are more fully taken in by my ass.  As if to punctuate just how much I love this, I feel a hard blow to my ass with your hand followed immediately by a ruthless twisting of my only exposed nipple.  My whole body is on fire with the desire for more.  Another command comes and I welcome the sound of your voice, so absent from today.

Get up and bend back over the bed. 

I get up and do as asked wondering what is in store.  I feel a tug, but I am so full that can’t tell which toy is being pulled at first.  Pulled harder but carefully and I'm trying to relax to help the release.  As I feel the full girth of the toy, I can tell for sure now it’s the butt plug.

Do you know what's about to happen?

My name punctuating that question, and a smile spreads across my face as I reply with You're going to fuck my ass.

The plug releases and is set aside.  I can hear the sound of you working yourself a little to make sure you are nice and hard before you assault my ass.  You push firmly in with enough force to easily make it in the first time, but not immediately break through that final barrier.  That will take my help.  I let myself melt into the need and push back slightly to allow full penetration.  You fuck me slow and deeply at an agonizing pace.  The belt is dragged slowly across my ass and then I am struck with it.  Harder than any blow before, but there is no pain at all.  I let out an Ah in ecstasy.  A series of several more blows come, some with the belt and some with your hands on each side of my ass.  Each welcomed with another Ah and I don’t think I've ever felt so satisfied. 

Your ass looks great.  Would you like to see a picture?

Yes, please.

As you pull out and step away, I feel empty again.  And when you return, you slip the butt plug back into place making a comment with a very slight chuckle about just how easy it slips back in.  I welcome the weight and hold my position for the picture.  Instead I feel a crack of the belt, this time much lower and it hits my cunt as well.  A desire to be hit in a place I have never imagined spreads through me and I fight to hold my legs steady.  The belt is put away and I hold for a picture and then spread my cheeks for a better picture of the plug that I now feel I can barely hold in place.  You fall to the bed next to me so I can see the picture.  Hand prints and lashes are spread across my pale skin as if to mark your territory with bright red flags.  I know I have been conquered in the best way possible.  I keep my position and watch you go clean yourself up for the next phase.

When you return, you order me to my knees.  I make my way down carefully so as not to disturb the toys.  Once there, I eagerly put you in my mouth and start to work your tip.  Before I get too far into the job, it's taken from me in favor of letting me play with your balls.  I suck one in, let it go, and then suck it back in and massage it with my tongue.  I hear the camera again and move to the other side for the same treatment and look up at your for another picture.  You've been stroking yourself during the photos, so when I return to your cock, it's hard as a rock.  Warm and thick.  I love the way it invades my mouth.  Taking pictures along the way, I work you over with my mouth, my hands gripped tightly around your ass.  I can feel the quiver in your legs, and I'm hoping I get to drink you down soon.

You pull yourself out of my grip and ask me to get back up on the bed and on my back.  I do as ordered and get ready to be pounded again.  You push in hard, pushing the balls deep inside of me.  Hitting my favorite spot right away, like a fucking magnet.  A couple more thrusts, and then you stop abruptly and pull out.  I watch as you pull on the string of the balls.  It takes quite a bit of force to free the first one and I cry out in surprise.  As the second one makes its way out, I know what to expect but cannot contain the cry.  It is the oddest feeling of pleasurable pain.  You push back in finding your spot as if you never stopped.  I close my eyes to lose myself in the feeling, and a sense of warmth comes over me as if you are leaning down to hover just above me.  Before I can open my eyes to see what you are doing, your hand closes tightly around my neck.  So tight.  My breathing is changed immediately, the pace of your fucking speeds up and I grip the bed like a vice.  I hold steady for the ride and will myself to let go.  As your grip tightens with each thrust, the world melts away.  It feels like you are slowing the pace…I can no longer grip the bed…it's as if there is no sound in the room at all, and I try my best to gasp for air.  Your hand tightens again, and my windpipe isn't changed as much as I feel the pressure on my arteries.  I open my eyes and they are looking directly into yours.  So close and intense.  I've never seen anything like it.  A small strangled gasp again as the blood seems to be screaming in my ears to be let through.  I use all of the strength I have left to bring my hands up to rest on your shoulders.  I thought I felt like I had given myself to you before, but it has never been like this.  My head is getting fuzzy and I can't hold my grip on your shoulders any longer.  As they fall back to the bed, I feel my whole body let go and fall so much further into that dark chasm of trust as you continue to fuck the life out of me.  I'm pulled back to here and now when all of the sudden your grip is gone and I feel the absence of your warmth.  You are still fucking me hard, but you feel far away as my body adjusts to breathing unhindered again.

Without warning, you withdraw, slip the balls back in and command me to get down on my knees.  I jump down without thinking about the toys, bumping the plug with my foot and it sends a jolt up through me.  I wait patiently on my knees while you rub yourself and pull the camera out again for a video and a little interview.

What do you have in your pussy?

The balls.

What do you have in your ass?

The big plug.  I feel a little giddy, but I can't help it.

What did I just do to your pussy?

You fucked it good.

What did I do to your ass?

You fucked that too.

What am I going to do now?

I'm hoping you are going to fuck my mouth…Come on. 

You want your reward?

Yeah, I want to drink it down.

Open up.  Right there.

I can't contain my excitement and let out an almost evil laugh as you fill my mouth with cum and the room with moans.  I bring my hand up to your chest, running it down in the hopes to feel your body convulse with your release, and I'm not disappointed with the result.  One more time as you finish, managing to not waste a drop.  I swallow and then take you in my mouth a couple of times to clean you up.


I left with the butt plug and the balls still in place.  Joked with Jay when I got home about needing a sticky note on my window that says, “You just got well fucked and are completely loaded.  Do NOT just jump into the car seat.  It will take your fucking breath away.”  Which it totally had.  I proceeded to get dressed in the most lady like dress I owned for a charity event that afternoon.  I sent a quick pic to Jay so we could talk about what was underneath and if the ladies I was with only knew.  I didn’t make it to the charity event with the butt plug, only because it tried to escape twice requiring me to dig it out of my ass.  A testament about just how large that man is. The balls stayed in place through the event and through a later birthday party.  I was getting more and more nervous about removing the balls myself.  I could clearly recall the way it felt and just how hard Jay had to pull to get them out.  I sent several texts that afternoon about working up the courage to remove them and a final one basically begging for him to fuck me real quick to help stretch me before I tried.  No luck.  Before I went to bed that evening, I went to my bathroom, worked myself a little hoping that the wetness would help.  As I tugged on the string for the first time, I could feel the balls drag across my interior.  It’s such an odd feeling to have something drag across the inside of you.  Sort of feels like you are being pulled inside out and you can feel it way up in your chest.  It doesn’t hurt, just a weird hollow feeling that spreads as you pull.  The first ball tried its best to fight against the release, but I did win the battle with an almost audible popping sound.  Again, it was more pleasure than pain, but something I need to get used to.  The second came much easier, but with all the same sounds and feelings.  I went to bed no longer full, but wearing the marks of a great day.

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