Monday, May 25, 2015

A Job for the Camera

You open the door and all I can see is your rock hard dick trying to bust out of your gym shorts.  It's the kind of welcome I love.  A quick kiss hello and I linger a little longer against your lips so I can find your cock with my hands.  Mmmm. So ready to go.

Are you ready to get fucked?

I reply with a quick yes and do everything in my power not to sprint for the bedroom.  Immediately start to undress and sort of melt when you complement me on my black bra and panties.  There is some small talk about having just gotten home from the gym and haven't been able to shower.  I smile because I already know this and is exactly why I wanted to be here right now.  Takes you no time to lose your own clothes and order me to lay back on the bed.

You ask me if I'm wet as you pull me down the bed and into your arms.  I'm a little annoyed at myself for not being more so.  My panties were soaked as I took them off, but due to some stupid conversation right before I showed up, I'm out of sorts.  I'm not too worried as I know it will take you no time at all to correct the situation.

True to form, you start pulling me into your world asking me about the dream I had about being punished. Asking if I'm ready to play out that dream.  It makes me crave to do just that, but we don't have anywhere near the time needed today.  Working your cock up and down my clit and then pushing hard in.  One more time, and you're in, stealing my breath with the very first thrust.  I moan loudly as you pick up the pace. 

I've never really punished you before.

No, not unless you count this punishing pace.  It takes everything in me to get those words out between thrusts.

And as if to prove the point, you increase the force of the thrusts.  I keep my gaze on you, not letting up this time.  I love the look of determination when you fuck me.  Gripping the bed tight, trying to keep my hands out of the way, I whisper a very small Yes, Harder in a moment of ecstasy.  You didn't miss my plea.

What did you say?

I reply with Harder only slightly louder than before knowing from the look in your eyes and the sound of your voice, I'm about to unleash a beast.  You almost beat your cock into me and I close my eyes just as you pick up your sweaty gym shirt and smother my face with it.  It smells of you in the most delicious way, so even though you release your grip almost immediately, I don't bother to push it off my face.  Instead, I take several deep breaths and lose myself in that manly smell.  I start to moan louder when you hit that spot.

Yes, right there. There's that special spot of yours.  I don't think I've ever fucked you this hard before.

I can't respond in any other way but to moan through ragged breaths.  I know I can't take much more of the punishment, but I'm not about to stop you.  As if on cue, you slow the pace and give me time to breathe.  I pull the shirt off my face, and look up at you when you start to speak again.

I was on Fetlife earlier and saw a butt plug picture and it was captioned - Day 5.

Do you want me to wear a butt plug for you for 5 days?

No.  Have you been watching any good videos lately?

Videos of you and me?

Not necessarily.  Any videos.

Honestly, I've only been watching our videos.  I've been off of K&P lately.  Too busy writing about us, reading, or talking to Elizabeth.  Have you seen anything fun lately?

Yes.  Do you want to see it?  I have it saved for you.

Yes, of course.  Later.

Do you want to take another video today?


What would you like to video?

I'll have to give it some thought.  I wasn't expecting the question today.  Is there something you might like to video?

I love the ones of me cumming on your face.

That sounds good to me babe.

It's going to be a big load.

Really?  You saving it up?

Yep.  Do you want a picture of me fucking your pussy?

Yes.  My answer comes instantly, like I've been dying for the opportunity.  I'm not sure why we haven't done this before.  You pull out and grab the camera.  Before we get too far, you decide that you just have to get a picture of the cavern left from your thick cock.  I spread for the camera.

Caption this Freshly Fucked.

I giggle a little at the thought and I continue to rub my clit as you get the positions that you want.  Continuing to fuck me a little longer, and then suddenly pulling out to rub yourself with a sexy ease and you hold the tip tight to show me just how close you are.  I lean forward and suck at the precum like a dripping popsicle. Greedy for more.

You tell me to turn around and hang my head off the bed as you go open the blinds to adjust the lighting.  I turn around as asked and wait patiently until you step up to me.  No direction is needed and I open my mouth wide.  We take few more pictures of your cock shoved down my throat.  You put the camera away and fuck my mouth for a few very short but gagging thrusts while you forcefully twist my nipples.  I groan into your cock in response.

Pulling out again, you step over me so that I can get to your balls much easier.  I can feel your hand moving back and forth from my chin as I move from side to side taking each ball into my mouth separately.  Just as I start to drag my tongue to your ass, I feel a thud as your cock lands between my breasts.  Before I have much of a chance to wonder what you are about to do, your fingers plunge into my pussy.  Rubbing my g-spot furiously while your palm massages my clit over and over again.  It's just the beginning and I know you mean to work me up to squirting.  The pace quickens and I moan loudly, sinking my teeth into that soft spot between your balls and your ass, but doing my best not to actually bite.  Faster and harder and I couldn't possibly hold back any longer even if I wanted to.  I cry out as I let my head fall further down the side of the bed and my whole body lets go. 

I can feel the warmth of the liquid spread down my legs, under me and over me as you finally start to ease up.  Dragging your hand up my body as you release your grip and you ask if I remember the first time you did that to me in the hallway.  I am trying to slow my breathing as I reply quietly that I do and that it is burned into my memory. I fall back into that memory like it was yesterday.  Pinned hard against the wall, toes barely touching the floor, your hand fisted in my hair, breath held while I let everything else go, my body thrashing from your hard work, leaving me soaked. 

Look at it spread all the way to your breasts.

I lift my head to see the results, and can see the blood tinged liquid spread all over my body.  You haven't done that to me in months and I hadn't really realized until that moment how much I ached for you to do that to me again.  I'm done and spent, but have little time to revel in the aftermath.  I'm already being asked to get on my knees.

I'm happy to pay you back, so without hesitation I'm on my knees in front of you.  You are messing with the camera trying to get it set for a hands free video, and all I can see is your fucking cock in my face just begging to be sucked.  I was already dripping as I got on my knees to begin with, but now I feel like I have soaked past my legs and into the carpet.  My mouth is watering with the thoughts of shoving your dick in my mouth.  To help take my mind off of it, I help get the camera ready and then push record as you start stroking yourself.

You Ready?  What do you want?

I want you to cum on my face.



Your soft moans fill the room and I start to run my hands down your body willing you to cum while you work your cock like a master.  I keep my eyes on you taking in your process. Listening for the change in your voice as you continue your questions.

You going to show this to anyone?

Maybe.  If it's a big one.

You gonna show this to Elizabeth?

I could do that.

Move closer a little bit.  Right there.  Close your eyes.

I do as I'm told and can hear your breathing hitch.  The call of your release comes as Ah Fucks fill the room.  I try to be serious for the camera, but can't help but to smile as the warm cum hit my face.  It's wild and spreads everywhere.  I open my mouth to catch as much as I can, and it just keeps coming.  You weren't kidding about it being a big load.  When I'm sure you are done, I open my eyes just long enough to find your cock with my mouth to clean you up and am rewarded with a good girl.  I take a moment to wipe the cum out of my eyes and lick my fingers before I look up at you again.  

As I get up on shaky legs, I can already feel just how tortured my pussy is from a job well done.  I know I'll carry unseen bruises for days, and smile at the thought.  

Masturbation Monday Week 38 


  1. Thanks! Still gets me hot every time I read it too!

  2. Good gawd, this actually left me speechless...and breathless...and squirming in my seat. :-D