Monday, April 27, 2015

Bound and Painted

I've been asked to wait here, in the bedroom.  I'm standing by the bed thinking about how dark it is today.  Gloomy outside and the room is in a heavy shadow.  I move over to a large mirror that has been beckoning me ever since you mentioned not having fucked me up against it yet.  I'm not really looking at anything in particular. I'm just making note that it's too dark to play with the mirror today, but I'm looking forward to it.

As you walk back into the room, I see you lay a lighter on the nightstand.  An earlier text mentioned you saw a stick candle and thought of me, so I'm assuming there is one that I just haven't seen yet.  I'm eager to get started and so excited to see what you have planned.

We come together by the bed and when your lips meet, I melt into the kiss.  It's been a couple of weeks since I've felt your lips on me, so I'm reluctant to give it up as you begin to undress me.  I give in but watch you closely as you raise my shirt to reveal my bra.

You're wearing the new ones.

Yes.  I just took the tags off this morning.

Do you remember what happened last time you wore these? 

Yes. I got fucked very well.

And where did I cum? 

Mmm.  Inside of me.

I am fully undressed and you lay me back onto the bed.  Pulling me down so my ass is barley on the edge.  Lift each of my legs and place my feet against your thighs and spread my legs.  I see a smirk cross your face when you see my little surprise for you, but you don’t say a thing.  Your initials in silver metallic tattoos on my freshly shaved pussy.  I put them on yesterday while I was feeling naughty in the hopes that I would get to see you this week.  You simply keep manipulating my body into your desired position, placing each of my hands on my ankles.  You ask me to stay like that, but drop my feet back down to the bed and leave the room once again. 

When you return, you have a couple of ties in your hand.  I'm intimately familiar with these particular ties at this point and am slick with anticipation.  You place my feet back on your thighs and begin to wrap my left wrist and bind it tightly to my left ankle.  Unlike previous encounters, there is no play in these bindings.  As you start to work on my right wrist, you tell me about how you have been thinking about tying me up like this for a long time now.  This binding is even tighter and I'm locked in place, ready for what's next.

You reach over to the nightstand and pick up a lighter and a white stick candle.  You light the candle and hold it upright watching as the wax pools.  It's so quiet in the room that the only noise is the flicker of the flame.  The waiting is killing me, and I'm fixated on your hand holding the candle.  Once enough time has passed, you slowly tilt the candle.  It still takes a while for the hot wax to fall and I hold my breath for the agonizing wait.  When the wax first hits my nipple, it stings in the most incredible way and I loudly breathe out trying to stifle a squeal.  A few more drops and as the pace picks up my body is aching for more.  I'm watching you working on me and your breathing is calm, hands are so steady.  Not even a tremor; your confidence is always impressive to me.  The wax is so light in color, that I can't really see where it has splattered or the pattern it’s making, but the feeling is intoxicating and let out little ah's as they burn.  You have never been this quiet and it's almost unnerving.  I close my eyes and lay my head back to concentrate on the feeling of the wax hitting my body.

I feel you remove my feet from your thighs and place them on the bed so that you can step away.  When I open my eyes, the candle is gone and you are very slowly stepping back to me.  You seem to be deep in thought and I'm quietly waiting for you to proceed.  You sink to your knees before me in the sexiest way I have ever seen you do before and come so very close to my spread pussy and just stop.  I'm watching keenly wondering when you will make contact.  You quietly stay right where you are teasing me with your hot fucking breath.  It torments me, and I want more than your breath to invade me.  My wrists are still tied my ankles so there is no chance that I can grab you myself.  I can barely take the anticipation and almost let out a please when you lean a little closer and slyly lick me.  We lock eyes and you do it again.  This time licking my ass as you go.  I want to fucking burst, willing you to fully commit and devour me.  You lock eyes with me one more time and then you lock on.  Expertly licking and invading me with your tongue.  I push my body down hard onto you out of pure need.  I pull hard against the restraints only wanting to touch you, but my hands are firmly locked on my ankles.  Instead I dig my nails into me and wish it was you.

Suddenly, you stop and say you'll be right back.  This time you return with your phone, so I know we'll be taking some video.  You point the camera and snap a couple of pictures and label it aloud, Bound.  Then the camera is laid on the nightstand and you turn back beginning to untie your drawstrings.  Finally, you start to talk to me again. Telling me how much you wanted to cum yesterday and how it had been awhile since you last came.  I ask about cumming on Saturday, since I had seen a picture of his beautifully erect cock.  It would be a shame if that wasn't taken care of.  I know I was begging for it.

I wanted to call you over yesterday and suck me dry.

I wish you would have.

I couldn't.  Too busy.

I know.  And the thing is, I do.  Mondays are always hard, yesterday was no different, except I was aching in the worst way too.  A fantasy that I often have flashes through my mind in an instant.  You on a call and me on my knees.  Working your cock, knowing for the first time in forever, you'll have to be quiet.  No talking, no instruction.  Or maybe you do have to talk on the call while your cock is in my mouth.  Measured breath, steady voice.  Finding your release in the quietest way; something I've never seen from you.

When I come back to here and now you're still talking about cumming.  Telling me it's going to be a lot and that you plan to paint my face with it.  Fully undressed now, I watch as you work yourself just a little while you talk about me sucking your balls.  Thinking about leaving me bound and crouching over my face so I can lick your balls or letting me get on my knees to service you.  It all sounds very good to me and I voice my opinion as you step over to get in position.

Teasing my clit with your cock a few times and then pushes hard into me.  Putting your full weight into it, crushing me in every way possible, and I feel like I just might break apart.  Easing up to adjust and you push fully into me again and my hungry pussy envelopes you.  Fucking me mercilessly, your hands are pushing hard against my bound legs.  I find myself pushing you back with my feet and my hands together.  Once I find some relief from the force of your weight, but not from your thrusts, I tune back into the current discussion.  You logged into my Fetlife account yesterday and had some fun looking around.  Saw a girl being fisted, and it made you think about stretching me further, maybe getting a speculum and opening me wide, cumming in me that way and then making me lick it clean.

Is that too much?

No.  I've been into BDSM for a long time, so no, it doesn't shock me.  I just finally have someone that I know won't hurt me, who will do the things I've been thinking about.  I’ve let you guide me, but I know there are things we haven’t discussed that I’m into trying.  Since I've been on Fetlife, I've seen a lot more than I ever did watching porn.  I have a firm grasp on what my hard limits are.  Fisting is not wet inducing for me.  It seems like a parlor trick, more than anything else.  I don't see how either party derives pleasure from it, but who knows.  Wait…will your watch be on?  Will I get to feel it as it scrapes me?  If so, I could be into it.  As for the speculum, find one.  You have carte blanche.

When was the last time you got fucked good?  My name punctuating that question so I know I am meant to answer, but I can't.  I'm breathless from the pounding, and we both know the answer anyway.

Pulling out for a short time and work on yourself while you talk about how you wanted to pour some hot wax on my pussy but that you really wanted to eat it first.  I kind of want to yell fuck me, light the candle please.  But before I get the chance, you fill me again and I am lost in the moment.  My breathing ragged immediately, and it's getting harder to concentrate on your words.  Explaining how you are looking forward to watching me eating another girl's pussy.  So I ask what you are going to be doing.

Fucking you from behind.  Have her tell me how it feels to have your tongue on her pussy.  Maybe let her suck my dick.  What do you want me to do?

Fuck my ass.

Good girl.  Maybe I'll grab fist of your hair and shove your head down into her pussy while I fuck your tight little ass.

I moan in response.  The pounding intensified during that last little bit and I can no longer speak.

How are the bindings?

Their fine comes amidst ragged breaths.

You pull out and take a couple more pictures.  I have been bound in this position with your weight heavy against them, so I close my legs and lay on my side to rest a bit while you put the camera back.  Working yourself on your way back over, you must decide this position is as good as any.  I am locked down in place with one hand, while the other directs your cock, filling me once again.  The position isn't as punishing as the last.  With every thrust, I can feel your balls as they almost get sucked up into my ass cheeks.  I'm enjoying the moment, when your question comes.

Is he home this week?

Yes.  A very hard smack lands just where my ass and my leg meets.  I cry out in surprise as the pain radiates through me and turn to raging desire.  My cry is answered by a snickered response.

I hope he doesn't see that.

Like the initials?  I start to smile and then another hard blow lands in the same spot and I cry out again.  This time in ecstasy.  A couple more blows and I might just cum like this.

When did you do that?

Yesterday.  This time, I'm not rewarded with a smack.  Sadly, I know I won't get another today.

When were you going to show me?

I never answer the question.  You pull out once again, and I am left throbbing and wanting.  Push hard back in and you tell me how you would like to fuck my little ass in this position.

An audible mmmm and then I reply.  Sounds good.  I really like this position.  I can feel your balls between my ass cheeks with every thrust.  My words come out in stutters as I get pounded again.

You can feel them shove into you while I pound you?  And to prove the point, you thrust even harder.


My legs are opened and I'm turned so that I am again on my back.  The blade of one of the ties falls between my legs.  It's red with a white pattern on it.  I wonder if you ever wear these ties in public.  I'm guessing no.  But if so, do you think about the times you have tied girls up with them?  I am pulled out of the small daydream when I am roughly pulled back down the bed so that my ass is handing off.  I know you have me in your thick, strong arms, so I don't find the need to struggle back on the bed.  My reward is you fucking me hard and so very deep.  I begin to choke on my words, and only shit actually escapes.

Tell me!  My name again calling my attention.

I wish I could answer.  I wish I could beg you for mercy.  You are tearing me apart from the inside.  But I can't.  I can't get them out and don't really want to.  When it's clear I can't answer, you go on to say that you think you'll put me on my knees in my favorite position so I can make you cum.  And then you stop fully and work to untie all the bindings.  I don't get a moment to rest before I hear your commands.

Get down there.  Get in position and suck my cock like I showed you.

I get down on my knees and immediately put you in my mouth.  I am not given a chance to do anything myself as your grab my head and tell me you want to fuck my mouth.  Thrusting hard, cutting off my air way with each one.  Deeper and deeper until you are fucking my throat.  My gag reflex is on the verge of getting triggered and you let up and allow me to work with your instruction.

Suck it like I taught you.  I take you deeper leaving you wetter with each pass.

Get it nice and wet and stroke it.  My hand spreading my spit and working it to the tip.

Yes.  Such a good little cock sucker now aren't you?   I just keep working, not wanting to stop.

Who taught you how to suck a dick like that?  My name reinforcing an answer is expected, so I relent but never stop my hand movement.

You did.  I look up at you with my answer and then go back to work.

I am ordered to suck your balls, and it's been a long time, so I greedily get to work.  Taking one in, sucking just hard enough, swirling my tongue around it.  Your hand still working yourself and I love the feeling of your hand working so closely to my face.  I'm rewarded with your reply.

Ah! Just like that.  Feels good.  Good fucking girl.

You hold your dick up to signal I should switch sides, and I comply.  Work your other ball in my mouth and take a few moments to look up at you watching me.  Again sucking just hard enough and swirling my tongue around it before letting it go.  Pulling it again, a little more aggressively.  My hair is pulled tight at the scalp and I'm pulled back to see how close you are to cumming.  I lick the tip.  Again, my head is grabbed and you fuck my throat.  Just on the verge of triggering my gag reflex again.  The sound of your pleasure not allowing me to back down.  I'm not sure if you can feel the trigger or not, but you ease up and pull out again, ordering me to go back to sucking your balls.  Specifically I should try to get them both in my mouth.

I smile a little as I know that this cannot happen.  I have tried many times, but I try again to please you.  When it's clear that I can't do it, you counter with they're just too big.  I hum my yes and then let you fall from my mouth as I listen to further instruction.

Lick my asshole and show me how much you want me to cum.

I pull in closer as you raise a leg for better access.  I brush my tongue across it before I plunge in.  I push my face up, and pull your ass as close as possible while I listen to your moans before I'm rewarded with another good girl that makes my pussy throb again with need.

Do you want me to paint your face or cum in your mouth?

I come out from underneath you, releasing my grip of your ass and run my hands down your legs as I answer.  I want you to do whatever your mood calls for you to do.

I want you to tell me where you want it.

Well…I think for the sake of the video, you should paint my face.  I can feel wax falling from my breasts to my knees as I answer. 

So do I.

Are you ready?


Having never stopped working yourself, you let go to grab your phone and get the camera ready.  I'm ordered to scoot back and lay my head back against the bed.  I do as I'm asked and fuss with my hair trying to figure out the best way to get it out of the way for the mess to come.  I close my eyes even though I'm desperate to watch this happen.  I feel your presence lower as you go back to work.  A series of Ah Fucks! are released as I am washed in cum, spreading across every inch of my face and feeling like it's never going to end.  I open my mouth to take some in since I'm not leaving without a taste, and you still haven't stopped.  Once you are finally finished, I patiently wait for you to help clean me up.  All I can think though, is that I can't wait to see that video.

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