Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Video Debut

I woke from a dream early that morning.  The kind that means you'll be changing the sheets later that day.  Full of lust and desire featuring hot wax, an unseen camera man (but I know it was you), and my toy which I haven't used since it let me down the last time we played with it.  I imagine the dream was result of our last encounter in which we were going to have you filming me while you are filling my mouth with cum.  I left well fucked in a way I didn't see coming and a little sad we didn't get to do what you had planned.  I'd been thinking about the idea of myself on video all week and wondering if I'm really ready for my face to be featured and the amount of trust involved in that.  Instead of wasting my time once again over thinking some small idea, I decide to take some inspiration from the dream and make a video for you myself, without your direction, and hope you love it.  You once asked me to show you how I fucked my toy when you were gone, and I failed. I won't fail again.

I have a ton of work to do that day, and several things I need to get ready or logistics to work through to get this right.  To start, during our usual morning conversation, I slip in that I had a dream that I'm not going to tell you about because I want to see if I can do if first.  Just know you could have something fun coming your way this week. And I seal that text with a kiss.  Your reply comes swift with Excellent :).  I figure I've got the gears turning at the very least and start my day.

I'm very excited to get to work on the details, but I'm not home alone yet and as I said I have some work to do as well.  I decide to split that work into sections, and as each portion is finished, I get to work for you.  After the first section is complete, I work on the playlist.  I already have one with your name on it.  It's where I put songs that you have sent me to listen to.  Some from very early on, like My Skin or Cold Desert.  Since they aren't all sexual in nature, I need to move them around a little.  Crave is up first.  Sort of my new favorite.  Speaks to me on a ton of levels and I know it will quickly make me wet as it often does.  Desire is up next.  The first sexually charged song that you sent me.  It has a presence to me like you do.  From the first chord I know this song is being played.  Since there aren't a ton of songs, I add a couple of my own that speak to me that you didn't send and put all the others behind them without too much consideration, since I am hoping that I finish before the end of Desire. Fingers crossed.

Back to work.  This time it's getting harder to concentrate.  I gather focus and when it's done, I jump in the shower.  A practice run on the playlist as well.  Turn the music up and step in.  The playlist is spot on because I already want to finger myself right there in the shower.  The very hot water drives the desire more and I resist the urge so that I can be fully charged for this evening and continue with my routine.  Denial is my goal, but I do want to keep my mind sexually engaged as much as possible, so I make sure not to rush the routine.  Shaving carefully, washing dutifully, making sure my hands linger and occasionally graze the already sensitive spots.  It's a painfully hard shower.  I step out, dry off and start to rub coconut oil into my freshly shaved pussy and casually run my fingers down from clit to slit.  Feels so good and I already want to grab the toy, but I'm not alone yet.  I spend some time on my makeup even though it won't be seen.  I just want the complete package.  As if you really were in the room with me.

A little more work to do before I'm alone and I have a few more logistics to work out before my debut.  Once I finish work for the day, I start to work on how I'm going to get the video to you. Dropbox is my best solution, but I'll need a brand new one, not connected to my computer, so that I have enough room for the files and guarantee that no one will stumble across it on my computer.  I set one up under my pseudonym. I add a file just for you and give you full permission to do as you please.  Reinforcing the trust of you for me.  Who knows what this file could ultimately be used for, but I hope to have fun with it.  I'm ready to go and in 30 minutes, I'll finally be alone. 

I spend some time in the bedroom making the bed and getting things ready for the event.  Inspect myself and make sure my pussy is ready to go.  Getting wet on and off all day can make for a mess.  I make sure I know how to use the camera on the laptop and I'm basically set.  And then I hear the garage door close.  Finally, I'm alone. 

I go back to the bed and put my laptop towards the end, pull out the toy and sit it next to where I plan to lay.  I've thought a lot about how to video it by myself.  I'm going to use the webcam on the laptop to video from the front.  Basically the view you had watching me from the shower.  And I'm going to video from the top with my phone.  I think it will ultimately be the better view if I can keep in place while I get fucked by my toy.  All set, time to call action.

I start the playlist, hit record on the laptop and get into position.  I'm not sure what audio will be picked up from each device, so I just decide to go with whatever I'm feeling and sort it out later.  As you know, I'm not a big talker and I'm not even that loud as a general rule, so I'll admit that I'm pretty nervous.  Other thoughts race through my head, thoughts meant to keep me from succeeding and I do my best to block them out as I run my hand down my black silk panties and explain out loud what I'm trying to accomplish for you.  I can feel a wet spot on my panties so I smile knowing that I've got this.  I pull them off so I can get started.

I grab the toy and bring it over without turning it on. Run it from my clit into my pussy and when I pull it out I can see that I'm far wetter than I even thought.  Although I'm very wet, the toy is big and doesn't immediately slide fully in.  I decide to speed up the process and turn the vibration on.  I continue the same routine from clit to slit working in farther each time.  Out loud I share my thoughts about being so wet and having been so all day thinking about the video.  My bravery gaining momentum as I go.  In and out a few more times.  Closer and closer to the goal.  Careful to keep the camera on my clit.

When the toy meets its destination and the petal hits my clit, I let out my breath as if I've been holding it in all day.  I tease it a few more times thrusting the toy in just enough to make contact, but not enough to drive it home.  When I can't stand the gentleness of the thrusts, I push and pull harder.  I'm not a patient girl and I need this to go quickly.  I picture myself begging for you to fuck me harder, and that thought alone does the trick.  When I've had enough torture, I slow things down a bit to make sure I'm hitting all the right spots.

I slowly pull out and push in, but more slowly run the petal up and down my clit as I thrust my hips.  Making sure I fuck the toy instead of it fucking me.  When I feel the electricity of a good spot, I stop the motion altogether and let the petal work its magic against my clit.  My soft moans fill the air and overtake the buzzing from the toy.  I repeat the process again a couple of times and then decide to turn the vibration up.

Gently in and out and more slowly up and down my clit.  The need to spill growing with every pulse.  A guttural groan escapes me as I hold the toy tight against my clit.  The strong vibration a relentless punishment.  I adjust the camera so that you can see my cunt swallowing the toy better, and tell you aloud how close I am already.  I know it won't be long before I cum.  I close my eyes and drop my head to ride the vibration as I continue to thrust the toy in and out searching for the perfect spots.

My breathing is ragged as I pick up the pace a little.  Not so much pulling the toy out as I'm pushing it farther in with each thrust.  I can feel tiny convulsions already working their way down my legs.  My moans getting louder as I press harder.  My legs shake and I punish my clit and begin to pant.  Faster, harder, torturing my clit.  

Back to the punishment and I adjust the camera again so that you and I can see that thirsty little bitch throb against the toy.  It’s a beautiful thing really, and something I don't often get to see.  I hold the toy steady and let my clit do her job.  Throbbing mercilessly against the toy.  I can't help but moan with pleasure and fight to keep my eyes open to watch what's coming.

I squirt and when I pull the toy out a little to make room and push back in, I orgasm hard against the machine and convulsions rush through my body and my voice.  I punctuate the end with a moaned fuck before I pull the toy out.  I scoot back, turn the toy off and all of the cameras off.

I watch the videos back and there are a couple things I wish were different, but I certainly succeed in doing what I set out to do.  It takes several hours to get the videos loaded to dropbox, so I don't get to tell you about them until the next morning. I share the file with you and can see that you accept the share as soon as I tell you it's there, but I know you have work and probably can't watch them until later that day.  I'll be on pins and needles until you do though.

Masturbation Monday Week 33


  1. You did a LOT of work on that. I hope he enjoys the videos!

  2. Thanks Kayla. You're always so sweet. I believe he did enjoy the videos quite a bit.