Monday, April 13, 2015

An Unexpected Fuck

I just saw you yesterday, and I knew walking into that lunch it would be very platonic but hadn't expected you to look so fucking good.  I did a pretty good job of keeping my mind on the serious matters going on that day, but by last night I was dripping with lust.  I thought maybe a little shopping and good dose of naughty pics might serve to work off a little steam.  After spending a good hour sending you half-dressed photos of myself trying bras and panties on at Victoria's Secret, I'm on my way home when I see your text come in saying that maybe I should come put it on and make you cum.  Happy to see while I was blowing off steam, you were gathering steam, I eagerly shoot back that all I need is a day and time.   I'm elated when I see Now? flash across my screen. There is some small talk about me being sure, maybe because of my play it cool response of sure, but I know I'm good to go.  I didn't plan on this, but I am always up for some fun with you.

As I pull up to your house, I see a couple more text fly by.  One about seeing my effort making you want to, and one about how you were even thinking about a video of you cumming in my mouth.  I smile at the level of your naughtiness today and make my way up to the house with my new purchases in tow.  The door is opened before I reach the top and I'm let in.

Of course I don't make eye contact, but I do take you in completely.  Crisp white shirt and khaki shorts, but all I want to do is take it off of you.  I walk right by you as you ask how I am.  Replying that I'm good, and thinking to myself how could I not be?  I just walked into your house with a bag full of cute new underwear.  You ask if I got your last text.  I giggle a little at the thought as I put all my stuff down, and reply with a small yes and that I see you are in a naughty mood today.  You follow up with do I want to try something on for me, so I smile shyly and grab the bag making my way to the bedroom.

I place the bag on the bed and quickly look through what I bought, but you have seen most of it already in the pics.  As I'm making my decision, you walk up behind me pressing close against my ass as you raise my dress up to reveal my lacy blue thong.  The seduction in your voice makes me slippery wet as you whisper in my ear about how much you like this dress and that you really want to bend me over and fuck me.  As one hand gently pushes against my back to bend me over the bed, the other massages my ass cheek, like you are thinking about giving me a quick smack.  I hunger for that smack, but it never comes.  I push back hard rubbing my ass against your cock so that I can feel it better.  Always so big, whether you are hard or not, it never disappoints.  You aren't ready yet, but I plan to change that quickly.  Your command snaps me back to the plan, as I hear you tell me to hurry up and put something new on.

I already know what I want to put on.  It’s one you haven't seen in a girly shade of blue.  I haven't actually tried them on, so I'm kind of curious myself if I'll like them.  What I love about them is the material.  The same soft feel of the long sleeved shirt we just picked out for you last month.  I drop the dress to the floor, along with my current bra and panties.  I walk into the bathroom and slide the new panties on.  They are tight, low and so very cute.  Turning back to the bed to grab the bra and I see you are sitting naked on the bed watching intently.  I quickly put the bra on and your compliments are immediate and generous.  Little pink bows are striking against the soft blue background, and I am so glad I ended up getting this set.

I walk over to you, standing over you and look down on you.  I'm never in this position, and I revel in it as I run my hand down your chest kissing you gently.  I fight the urge to push you back on the bed and climb on top.  Its short lived, as I knew it would be, and I'm being gently pulled down to my knees.  Once I am settled, I lean into you again to receive another desperately needed kiss.  This one much deeper, and I moan a little into the ecstasy of the moment.  I bring my hands down your chest one more time and come to rest on your cock, taking it my hand as the kiss goes on.  

You command me to stroke it.  I have already started, but work you a little better when I receive your instruction.  I do so love to be told.  While I continue to stroke, we continue to kiss through the discussion about you taking a video of me with your cock in my mouth, and I am getting wetter with every detail.  I can feel you growing already and pick up the pace a little when you tell how much you liked seeing my huge fucking tits in the top that I wore yesterday.  I quickly share that I almost changed before I left for lunch, but left it on at the last minute.  I lean back in to meet your lips again, this time pulling my body closer to you so that your stiff cock is resting against my new bra while I continue to stroke.  You kiss me so deeply with your hand gently on my neck that I again softly moan into the moment.

You release me so that I can take your cock into my mouth.  I've been thinking about this for days now, so I eagerly get to work taking you deep to get you wet, slowly pulling you out, swirling my tongue around the tip before taking you in again.  I can feel you gathering my hair out of the way before resting your hands on my head, tangled in my hair, and carefully guide me to your desired pace.  Once wet enough, I start to stroke with my hand, making sure to take the stroke to the top, gently rubbing my thumb across the tip before taking you deep again.  You pepper me with questions while I work and I am wrestling with the idea of stopping to answer.

Do you remember where I came last time?

I hum a yes so that I don't have to stop.

Where did I shoot a load last time?  My name punctuates the end of this question and there is more authority in your voice, so I stop to answer.

In my ass. And I go back to work.

Did you like it?

Yes.  This time I put you back in my mouth very quickly to keep you wet so I can work you with my hand while since you have already asked another question.

Where do you want my load today?

It sounds like you have some ideas.

But where do you want it?

In my mouth please.  And then I put you back in my mouth to prove the point.

First I want to bend you over and fuck your pussy. 

That's enough of a signal that I should stop, and I scoot back a little to unlock my knees from under the bed frame.  You stand and help me to my feet.  You kiss me while you express your need to check if I'm wet.  I know that I am but I love when you check for yourself.  Your hand moves slyly into my very tight panties, and a finger expertly slides past my clit to find me wet and waiting for you to fuck me.  Your approval comes and you roughly pull my panties down, bending me over the bed in one swift move.  I'm not quite ready, but you are already entering me.  I try to step out of the panties, so I can spread my legs and get into a better position to lock my knees against the bed rail for support.  Before I can get set, I hear you order me to get my back down and you give me a not so gentle shove down to the bed.  Since I'm not quite ready, I feel my knees scrape against the bed rail.  An evil little smile spreads across my face and I know that I’ll be carrying those marks for a couple of days at least.  I gain purchase, set myself against the bed, and push back hard willing you to fuck me harder already.  You feel amazing and every thrust is better than the last.  

I can see you through my legs, and reach back to grab your balls.  I play with them, alternating between squeezing them into me as you pull out a little and pull down as you come back into me.  I start to feel like it's too rough though so I release them, only to hear you tell me its ok.  I can keep going.  I greedily take hold again watching myself playing with you as I do.  I run my hand down your ass occasionally before I push your balls into my cunt as you smash into me once more.  I beg for you to fuck me harder.  As you comply with my request, I release your balls to give you room to work, and bring my hands up into my own hair pulling tightly as you pound me even harder.

I'm still enjoying the rough fuck, when I hear your tell me you want me on my back so I can see your cock thrust into me.  I flip over onto my back, watching you beside the bed while I get into position.  You tell me to spread my pussy open so you can see my freshly fucked pussy.  I do and run my fingers through it while I watch you easily work yourself.  You step over the bed and take my legs in your thick arms and pull me the fuck down the bed.  Rub your cock down my clit in push hard into me.  You ask if I'm watching your cock in my pussy and I reply that I am, but you have already moved on to how smooth I am.  I can barely take the fullness already and am breathing hard with frequent moans while you continue to talk to me.  Telling me about the video you want to take but that you are going to have to cum on my face a little for the video.  I'm never opposed to your cum on my face, so I do my best to voice my approval through your relentless fucking and my breathless moans.  You ask if he is home, and I barely let out a yes, he is.  My eyes are closed, but I can feel the determination in your voice when you tell me that you'll for sure have to cum on my face then.  I find my voice long enough to say that you did say you were going to rub it in, referring to our playful bet on the basketball game.

I feel you pull out and you work yourself a little asking me to spread my pussy again.  I comply, and run my fingers through again, this time running my fingernails across my clit as I spread it farther to the sound of your approval.  My cunt is throbbing in your absence and I’m contemplating begging for your return.  You tell me how good I look and that you might just cum right now, but that you know that I'm not ready for it yet.  Stepping over to me again, you tease my clit with your solid cock and push hard into me again.  You push all of your weight down onto my legs, spreading them open further, exposing my desire to fullest.  I watch the determination wash across your face and I know I’m in for trouble.  You are hitting the perfect spot like you have something to prove.  I can't keep my eyes open any longer to watch you fucking me, so I close them hard and squeeze my pussy as if it could slow your punishing rhythm.

Just when I think I can't take anymore, and that I might just pass out from holding my breath, you pull out once more.  I spread my pussy again for you, while I watch you intently.  Stepping back to admire your handy work while you work yourself again.  Something seems to be running through your mind, I wonder what you have planned for me.  You step closer to me and I see you lower a bit, working harder, and I'm pretty sure you are going cum right there on my freshly fucked pussy so I close my eyes and lean my head back to feel the warmth spread across me.  Instead, I am taken by complete surprise when you drop to your knees and put your mouth on my cunt.  My eyes go wide and I lift my head to watch as you eat my pussy like you are starving for it.  It feels so fucking amazing that I almost can't keep my eyes open.  Our eyes lock and I reach down to run a hand through your hair before I drop my head back in euphoria.  Your tongue runs from my ass to my pussy and you suck so hard on my clit that it feels like you could bite it if you wanted.  Your hot breath invades me as much as your tongue and I want to scream it feels so good, but it feels like anything louder than my breathing would take away from the sensation.  This goes on for only a moment longer before you stand and get ready to enter me one last time.

You pound my clit again and then thrust hard into me.  Immediately hitting the right spot and I cry out.  It's a relentless, punishing kind of rhythm.  My moans of delight cannot be stifled.  Your own sounds of gratification are echoing mine and then I hear you say something about that it feels so good that you might just have to cum inside of me.  My world stops, and my head spins.  I grab the bed hard to slow the punishing pace so I can hear you better.  I think you just said you might cum in me, and I have to know if that is really an option.  This is a rare event, one that I honestly didn't think I would experience again.  And then in a voice that lets me know that you would be ok with it, you ask me again.

Where do you want me to cum?  My name again punctuates the question to let me know you want my attention and my answer.

I run my hand down your chest to stall just a little longer as you continue to fuck me waiting for my answer.  The truth is that I don't know.  It's a bittersweet decision, and for a moment I think you are being horribly unfair to make me decide.  I always want you to cum in me.  It's not something you do, so I feel like it should be taken advantage of any time it’s offered.  But, you just came in my ass last week.  I already felt like that was a lot to ask of you, but you did it for me without a single complaint or holding it over my head, or asking for something in return.  Having you cum in me again, seems like too much.  Plus, I really had wanted to drink you down and the video thing was pretty hot.  I just don't know.  I want to raise my voice and be defiant and tell you to fucking do what you want to me.  Then I remember how much you are into fucking me just now, in this moment, I could really hear it in your voice.  It's so good and if you are allowing me the choice, I have to take it so I give you my answer.

If I am given the choice, I want you to cum inside of me.

I hear you tell me that you want me to tell you again as you roughly pull me further down the bed.  Before I can answer and without having pulled out at all, you thrust in and up in a way that takes my breath away.  Going further and deeper than it feels like you ever have before.  I hear you yell Oh Fuck! As you thrust up and in again finding your release and taking my breath away again.  I feel the warmth and fullness as your fill me with cum.  I gasp as I close my eyes to feel the aftershocks while you continue to thrust up and in a couple more times before you come to rest.  I smile with the satisfaction that comes with knowing that I'm going to be a wet mess the rest of the day.

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