Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sucking You Dry

While we are having drink, you ask if I want to try out my new lipstick. It's supposed to last 24hrs, and I haven't been able to get off since I put it on.  I really want to wrap my pretty red lips around your cock and see if it comes off, so I'm game. We make our way out to the car, but I'm not sure if you just want to make out or if you want more.  I'm parked behind some stores, so it's somewhat secluded, but since it's a holiday weekend, there are people everywhere.  As we approach the car, I open the front door and you open the back. I smile as you climb in, and close my door without getting in.  Now I know for sure, you want what I really want.  Asking you out for drinks doesn't always lead to fun, but I really fucking need a little fun today.  I eagerly jump in the back seat with you. 

Before I get to say anything or even look at you, your hand is already in my hair pulling hard, and your lips lock onto mine, kissing me deeply.  I'm in heaven.  My hand wraps around your neck and pulls you closer, as my need builds. Your free hand reaches up and finds its place around my neck.  I choke very easily and usually tense when anyone is near my neck, but my god, I love your hand as it rests there, gripping me ever so slightly.  I can hear you talking to me about how much you like my red lips and how much you wanted this since reading my Coming Home email.  I never know how you do this, as it never feels like you stop kissing me.  Your hand drops from my neck down between my legs and rub through my jeans.  I instinctively move closer and moan quietly as you rub again.  Your kiss ease up and you let me have a little control for change.  Asking me if this was the control I was looking for from my email.  It is, but as usual, I prefer it when you are in control.  At one time I loved my control, these days though, I prefer to give control over to you.  My mind might want to take over from time to time, but that is an internal struggle I'm not sure either of us really wants. 

I move my own hand down between your legs and find you are already undoing your drawstrings.  Red ones, I might add.  Don't know why, but the colors always fascinate me.  I'm watching intently and thinking to myself about how excited I am to do this.  I've dreamed a few times about doing this in the car, and now I actually get to do it.  In broad daylight too.  Makes the exhibitionist in me do cartwheels.  I go back to kissing you while I patiently wait for you to pull my prize out.  I continue to kiss you when I hear your request to stroke your cock.  Reaching down, I take you in my hand and I feel myself start to get wet.  I'm trying be careful since my hand is dry, but I have been waiting for a while to get my hands on you again and am just too excited.

I look down to see your hard cock waiting for me and greedily take it in my mouth.  So perfectly ready for me.  This time, I have far more confidence and get right to what I know you like best.  I hear you tell me to show you what you've taught me but I'm already well on my way.  I do so love to hear you instruct me though.  I take you all the way in a couple of times just to get you wet.  I stop cold though when I hear your command.  I wonder what the problem could be when you tell me you want to help get my hair out of the way.  Hand in my hair guiding me, I work again to make you cum.  We are out in the open, so my sense of urgency is certainly heightened.  Heightened, but I'm for sure going to enjoy every minute of this.  I hear your approval come in soft moans and my name being released, myself getting wetter with your every moan.  I'm watching your cock as I work it close to the tip, the shaft perfectly wet and my hand working diligently to help my mouth. 

Your balls are up out of your pants as well and they are just calling out to me to be handled.   So I  reach down in your pants, run my fingers against your ass and bring my hand up to cup your balls. A soft command for me to come up and kiss you and I eagerly comply.  Anything to kiss you again.  I can feel you working yourself, getting closer to the edge while I do.  Closer now, I'm allowed to go back to work.  Now, not only your breathing, but your words let me know you are on the brink.  Telling me that you are ready but trying to hold back.  I should tell you that this will never result in me slowing down.  I want to push you over the edge.  I know that it feels good and you want to hold on a little longer, but I can be determined too.  So I don't reply, I don't slow down at all, and work your tip a little better.  I can hear you almost gasp as you tell me you can't hold back and explode in my mouth.  I ease up but work a little more as I feel you pulsate in my mouth, filling it completely. I have to stop moving so that I can swallow such a large amount, especially since I haven't let go of your cock.  I do my best to clean you up as I take you farther in one last time.  I am rewarded with a good girl as you put yourself away.  I know you said you were going to fuck me the next time,  but this was so worth putting that off a little longer.

As I mentioned, I've often fantasized about giving you a blowjob in the car.  I've even written about it.  Often when we do something that I've written or thought about, it's so far from how I imagined it would go that I can no longer go back to the old fantasy, the reality always creeps in and takes over.  It doesn't ruin it, but it alters it forever.  This time though, it was so spot on. That airport dream was certainly different in some ways, but in the most important ways it was so close I can barely talk about it without wanting it again as soon as fucking possible.

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