Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Homework from Ruined

So, this is the result of the homeowrk assigned during the Ruined story.  As a reminder, I was asked to write about what happened that day and read it during the flight the next morning.  Jay didn't ask me to write up how the flight went, but I know him well enough that I decided to write it up anyway...

Almost 8 hours of torture. I waited a while to start reading simply because I had already read Ruined a few times since writing it. A couple of hours in, we had some pretty bad turbulence and the shaking caused my ass to ache, which just served to make me wet. I tried to sit still through it, but not only was my ass crying out, I realized that there was a very large bruise across my lower back. I'm quite certain that this is where you gripped me, digging your thumbs in as you were pulling me closer to you. By the time the turbulence stopped, I was filled with the need to be touched. I thought about visiting the restroom, but they were all occupied with people waiting. I just sat and plugged earphones in so I could listen to the movie playing until I calmed down. Later, I decided to read the story and the others since I had time to kill. They all get me going every time, but I'll admit that this last one has the biggest impact on me. Maybe because there are so many firsts. Again, I force myself to sit with my frustration. Pretended to read a book. Wanting to read, but not be able to get passed the page. Hours passed while I tried to quiet my thoughts. I turned on my phone to possibly listen to a book while I tried to nap. Unfortunately, I had cleaned up my audible account and the only book currently downloaded and ready to go was Diary of a Submissive. I read it years ago, but thought it might be nice to re-read (or listen) since my horizons had opened a bit since then. Not helpful at all. Some of the early scenes are too much like our encounters and I just found myself wet and aching again. To be honest, I don't remember much of what was being said during the chapters since I was still very distracted. The landing was about as helpful as the turbulence, as far as making sure I stayed wet for almost the whole fucking flight. The seam of my jeans pushing hard against my clit and my bruised body sending not so subtle reminders of yesterday. As we pull into the gate, I know that I'll be thinking about when I can get a minute of privacy to touch myself for the rest of the night.

Wondering about the other homework??  Yes, I bought a toy to play with.  I bought one called Lust

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