Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Playdate with My Toy

These are not my favorite days. Days when you are leaving town.  We have been texting throughout the morning and I asked if I could come and hang out with you while you pack.  I haven't done that since Christmas, and I kind of just need some time with you.  You text back that you'll make some time to see me, so I am hopeful.  I jump in the shower to get ready for the day, already thinking of time with you.  Another text comes through asking if I can come over this morning.  Your flight doesn't leave until this afternoon, so maybe I'll be getting more than the chat I had been hoping for.  I text back that I would love to.  Your next text seals the deal for me as you are asking if I have played with my toy lately.  Now I know for sure you have fun on your mind, and I'm game.  I reply with a yes, but leave out that it was just last night.  Searching for something to help me sleep.  Another text brings me back to now, and you ask if I want to use it today.  I for sure want to play, so I text back that I'll bring it and am rewarded with my first good girl of the day. 

When I arrive at your house, I still don't really know what you have planned and am still in the sit on the bed and visit while you pack mode.  I put my stuff down, except for the toy box and follow you to the bedroom.  Once we are back there, you turn on the shower and start talking to me about a deal we are working together.  I sit on the bed and watch you get undressed.  You are stuck on a detail of the conversation and start to walk out of the room, completely naked, to look it up on the computer.  I start to follow, but you stop me and tell me I need to get undressed.  I reply by saying that it looks like you are about to be busy.  I am so confused.  It seems like you are about to get in the shower.  This is either going to be the quickest fuck ever or we are about to waste a ton of water.  You reply with I know, I have a plan and leave the room.  I am left alone in a wake of your confidence.  When you get back, you help me finish getting undressed and give me my instructions.  I am to lie back on the bed so that you can see me from the shower, and use my toy to fuck myself while you watch.  We start to kiss, and my mind quiets until you reach down to feel how wet I am.  I moan just a little as this is exactly what I need from you.  Your comments express your delight, as I am always wet and ready to go, never needing lube with you. I wish this could last a little longer. It's been too long since I saw you last and I need to feel you as much as possible today.

I walk over to the nightstand to get the toy while you get in the shower.  I have used the toy with you before, but I'm still a little apprehensive about how this will go.  I lay back on the bed, which has already been set up with a pillow for me, and spread my legs, my pussy aimed towards the shower.  I shyly look up and you are indeed watching me.  I start the toy and begin work it in.  The toy is not small, so it takes a bit to work its way in.  I have the vibration on to speed up the process. Push it in until I feel resistance, pull it out and run the tip up to wet my clit, run it back down and in.  I do this a couple of times, each time making it further in.  It must look like I am trying to force it or I am frustrated at the pace because I can hear you tell me not to rush it.  I'm not though, this is the exact way I use it every time by myself.  This is my process.  Each time the toy gets closer to its target, I drop my head back with satisfaction and little out a little moan.  Maybe this is what you mistake as frustration.  Once the toy is fully in and the smaller outer piece hits my clit, my whole body lights up.

I put the toy on turbo in the hopes that this will go quickly and I can get fucked for real.  My legs are already shaking, coming so close to the climax, and then it eases off again.  I move the toy a little to catch another good spot, comes so close and then it's gone again.  At some point you have exited the shower and are drying off very nearby.  I feel your hand touch my leg and a bolt of electricity shoots through me.  It still isn't enough to push me over the edge, but I know there is more to come.  I open my eyes to watch you and see that you have pulled lube out of the drawer.  I wonder where this is going because we don't use lube. I have hit another very good spot with the toy though, and my head falls back and my eyes close again as my body starts to tremble.  I can feel you climbing on the bed, straddling me, coming to rest on my rib cage and I instantly know what is about to happen.  We haven't really talked about this, but I did have a dream that I shared with you once.  You smear lube across my breasts, put your cock between and smash them together and fuck them just a little. I open my eyes because there is no way I'm going to miss this bit of fun.  As soon as I see your cock so close to my mouth, I need to have it in my mouth.  Reading my mind always, you help me do just that. My arms are locked down though, my hands still controlling the toy, and all I want to do is let go and help you fuck my tits.  I want to smash my own tits to bare down as you slide in and out of this virgin territory.  Instead of fighting the issue, I work the toy in and out of myself and will myself to cum this way.  For the first time since the shower, I hear your voice.  Telling me that you wanted to see how I fuck myself while you are gone.  Your voice alone brings me to the edge and drop my head back once again.  So close. 

When it is clear that I'm not going to cum, I feel you move forward so that I can take your balls into my mouth.  I usually love this, but I am not so sure this will be good for you.  I often bite my own lip when it feels particularly good, so I'm afraid that I will bite down and hurt you.  Pulling back on the toy a little, I can safely play with my mouth for a while.  You are working your cock so close to my face.  From this vantage, I can look up and watch you watching me.  So fucking hot, but I can hear that you are getting closer to cumming and I seem to be nowhere near it. 

Suddenly, you turn around to face the other way.  I'm not sure what is about to happen, but I'm kind of hoping that you'll take control of the toy yourself.  I do so love when you are determined and you definitely want me to soak the bed for you as I hear you urge me to do so.  You rest yourself just above my breasts, but are careful not to put your full weight on me.  Instead of taking control of the toy, you start to play with my breasts.  Pinching my nipples, massaging my breasts while you talk to me.  It feels so good.  You tell me that you can see I'm getting so close and I can hear your commands to cum for you.  I, too, know that I'm close, but I just can't reach the top.  I change positions a little and raise my knees, which you take and hold in place for me.  My body convulses, but I can't find my release.  You pound my breast with your rock hard cock, and it feels a bit like a punishment.  Still, you are willing me to cum and I am trying so hard.

You pick yourself up and move farther back so that I can put your balls in my mouth again, but I have a much better vantage of your ass right now and decide to dig in.  I use my free hand to wrap around your leg and pull you down onto my face to get further into your ass.  I know you like it, because I can hear your soft moans.  I pull my arm up so that I can spread your ass cheeks a little to allow me better access and a way to breathe.  Like a fucking dentist, you start asking me questions, knowing all I can do is moan.  We have been talking for a few days now about finding another girl to fuck and speak quite frequently about the building popularity of the blog, so the questions revolve around these topics.  Will I eat my friend's pussy as good as I eat your ass?  If I like knowing that so many people around the world are getting off on reading my stories?  Talking about how much you like knowing that people are reading the stories, people we know as well.  You tell me that you are waiting for me so we can cum together and the pressure to meet your demand grows.  At some point I hear you call me a dirty fucking whore, and this catches me off guard.  It's not really my thing, but I can tell it's just because you are getting so fucking close to cumming.  Me, still agonizingly far away.  Then I hear you call me your fucking whore. This, I somehow love so I dig into your ass deeper, and am rewarded with a good girl while you ever so slightly grind against my mouth just as the toy hit the right spot.  My whole body convulses and I moan loudly into your ass, but still no release.

It's too much so you pull off of me and get down from the bed. You stand over me, but just behind my head.  I look up and see you rubbing furiously.  You drop down a bit, and I know you are ready to cum so I close my eyes as you tilt my head back to cum in my mouth.  I can feel it spread across my face as well, but I couldn't care less while swallowing what feels like an enormous about of your cum.  Inside I am hoping that it looks as hot as that felt.  The toy is still humming away though and I feel like I'm getting close again as I take you in my mouth to suck the rest of the dripping cum off your cock.  I let go when I feel the climax coming and bury my face into that sweet spot where your balls, ass, and leg comes together. This goes on for a minute or so, but still nothing. 

You drop down on your knees and move my hair away from my face so that you can whisper directly into my ear.  Touching my ear gently while you speak and my body lights up.  I change the vibration pattern on the toy to give me some relief, but start to work it in and out to an ever increasing pace.  The things that you are saying make my mind race with desire.  You tell me how hot I look with your cum running all over my face, and gently wipe some of it up. For a moment, I want to find your finger to suck it off.  I decide to let that thought pass and lay back to concentrate on your words hoping to lose myself enough too finally cum.  You tell me that now you want me to soak the bed, and that you can hear just how wet I am.  You have already thought about the next time you will tie me up and share the options with me.  Tying me up while I am on my back so I can watch what you are doing to me.  Maybe tying my legs down as well.  I feel my pace speed up. Tying my legs against the dining room table and bending me over there to fuck me.  I want it all, please, and my pace quickens again as I get further lost in your descriptions.  I hear another good girl and that almost pushes me over the edge, then hear your final command to let go.  I bare down on the toy, but I know that if I haven't cum now, this isn't going to happen.  There is no way I make it through those words, in your fucking seductive voice, without cumming if I was going to do it.  I start to feel defeated, but I am not quite ready to give up.

Eventually, you stand and move back to the other side of the bed to watch me from that angle.  Looking up, I can see you working yourself again.  I hear you tell me that you want me to make you cum again and I'm a little jealous.  Studying the toy as it moves in and out of my pussy, and it looks as if you are willing me to cum with your mind. I pull the toy completely out so that you can see me better, hold the toy against my clit, and then slide it easily back in.  I am still so fucking wet.  I love watching you touching yourself, but your gaze is too intense so I drop my head back again, closing my eyes.  I can feel your hot fucking breath run down my legs.  You aren't that close to me, so I know that you must be breathing hard for me to feel it. I pull the toy out again, slide it up to my clit for a second, and then slide it back in.  I hear your moans here and there and echo with my own when the toy hits the right spot.  I let out several fucks as my frustration explodes.  You come close to me, still working yourself and slip your thumb into my ass.  It feels so good that I try to bear down on it but the fucking toy is in the way.  I just lie there and let you work my ass with your thumb wishing it was your cock.  Stepping back, I feel your breath running down my leg again.  It's so fucking sexy.  I want to bottle that feeling up for later.  Another shot of electricity rushes through me as you place a hand on my leg and I hear you tell me that you have to go get some water.  For the first time I think maybe I just can't cum with you watching me.  As you leave, I try to relax once again and change the pattern on the toy.  I work so hard while you are gone, praying that I cum while you are gone.  I get so close, but still just can't let it go.  Everything is bothering me at this point, the pillow under my back, the messed up blankets, and my position in general.  I am contemplating getting on my hands and knees as you return with water.  I know now for sure that I am wholly done.  This will not happen no matter how hard I try.  However, my fucking submissive side won't let me just turn the toy off and pull it out.  It's not like you would be mad, but I'm not about to turn that fucking toy off until you tell me to.  There is a part of me screaming to turn the fucking thing off and plead for you to come fuck me properly, but no.  My submissive side is so much stronger when I'm with you and hangs on tight until you give me permission.

Finally I hear you give me the desired command and I pull the toy out and turn it off.  You come up to the bed next to my spread legs and I feel your fingers enter me.  Working yourself and me furiously, I hear you say something to me, but I am so lost in your touch that I don't know you are saying.  Your touch is so much more powerful than the toy.  I let my head fall back again while you pound me harder.  This is what I've wanted all along, but now my clit is so numb from the relentless vibration.  I feel your fingers expertly find and rub my g-spot and I want to explode.  I beg you to let me stand up.  I've been on my back forever and I just want to stand up.  Plus, I have squirted many times with you while standing so I know that comes much easier for me this way.  When I stand up and wrap my arms around you, I find you are completely drenched.  I have been watching how hard you have been working, but you were too far away for me to see just how much you were sweating.  We have fucked so many times in the last 6 months, but you have never been anywhere near this soaking wet.  I love it.  It feels like you don't want me to be so close to you though, kind of like you are pulling away from me while you are fingering the hell out of me.  I latch on to pull myself closer, kissing you deeply, and coating myself in your sweat.  Everything feels amazing so I tilt my head back, settle down onto your palm and let myself go. 

We both pull away as you command me to lay back on the bed and spread my pussy so you can see. As I do so, you go back to work on yourself.  This doesn't last long and I hear you tell me to get down on my knees and work for your cum.  I drop down eager to help and make my way to your balls first.  No surprise, you are literally dripping with sweat, and it's almost too salty for me to enjoy.  There is enough sweat rolling off of you I almost have to drink you into my mouth.  I can hear you telling me to get in there suck the sweat off.  I do, almost drowning in it.  I move so that I can get closer to your ass, and it's just as soaking wet.  I dig in though and as your sweat runs down my neck and on to my breasts, I feel my own wetness run down my bent legs. I pull away to take your cock in my mouth to work you myself.  You are so wet with sweat, I don't have to worry so much about lubing you up.  I work to get my rhythm down and I can hear you coaching me to do the same.  You grab on to my head to help me match the pace you want, but I can already tell this won't last long.  You need much more than I can give you at this point.  I pull off and let the expert back in to work away while I go back to your ass.

This has been a marathon session though and both of us are fading.  We change positions so that I am again on the bed, laying on my back with my head mostly hanging off the bed.  You come forward still working away at yourself.  I wrap my arms around you for leverage and pull up to take your ass again.  Willing you to cum.  I want to feel it shoot across my chest and onto my stomach.  We continue for a bit and I can hear your pleasure build.  Then you order me to flip around and spread my pussy again for you.  This time, I not only spread my pussy for your pleasure, but I run my finger up and down, slipping a finger in to feel how wet I am.  I see your body drop with determination, and your gaze intensifies.  I know it won’t be long so I run my fingers through again.  You step closer and cum hard.  It's so fucking warm and I'm surprised at just how much there is given this is the second time today.  I run my hands through it and watch the grin wash over your face. I love this smile on you.  A fucking job well done.

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