Sunday, March 8, 2015

Dreaming in the Tropics

This dream came to me while I was on that vacation.  I had seriously fucked up my sunscreen and managed to get severely burnt across my breasts, as well as several other areas.   It almost looked like I had been tied up or caned, as my body was striped with burns.  My body always cries out for Jay a little when I'm in pain, and this is a result of that...
When the dream starts, or the first thing I remember of the dream, you are already fucking me. I am on my back, you are raised and pushing your weight down on my thighs. Fucking me hard. It's only been just a couple of days since I saw you, this is my reward from a full session of sucking you off the last time, and that we have been fucking for some time at this point. You are asking me where I want you to cum, but I haven't answered yet. I'm not really ready for you to stop. You call me by name which grabs my attention and ask again not so nicely. This time adding to it that you're not done with me yet, so I come up with an answer. On my breasts. This way I get to be close enough to finish you off, but I keep that to myself. Having gotten an acceptable answer, you pick up the pace again, driving hard into me. Then all of a sudden, something changes and your eyes darken. You let go of my legs and push them down, still fucking me but you have slowed down. You come down on top of me with your full weight. Bring your arms up, and putting your hands into my hair. You pull tightly and kiss me hard. This of course undoes me.

You stop kissing me and when I have come back to my senses, you are whispering in my ear. Asking me to tell you again where I want you to cum. I answer quietly with I want you to cum on my breasts and throw in a please for good measure. This usually results in asking if I’m ready, but not this time. You are asking me to tell you why I choose that, so I happily explain that it’s so I can watch you up close. You seem to accept the answer and slowly pull up from me.  I start to get up as well, to get on my knees in my usual position, but you stop me. You tell me not to move as you forcefully pull out of me. I am confused for sure as I see that darkened look in your eyes again. You are crawling up my body talking about how you are going to cum on my breasts but not how I think. Your very wet cock is trailing up my stomach and up farther to my rib cage. You order me to squeeze my breasts together because you are going to fuck them. My mind spins, but I do as I'm told and grab them. My nipples are hard and as I pull down and push together you slide in. Your cock comes through the other side enough that if I want, I can lift my head and take you in my mouth. I don't though, as I am just curious about how this works. I can feel your balls drag back and forth against my rib cage as you slide your cock in and out of my clenched breasts. I am watching you intently and you grab the headboard for better leverage. I can feel myself getting wetter below building the need to take you into my mouth.

As I lift my head, you put your free hand behind me to help and entwine your fingers in my hair, holding me there so can take you in with every thrust. I push down harder with my breasts, suck harder with every thrust. You close your eyes and I hear you warn me that you are ready to cum. As you do, I take some in my mouth and swallow it down, the rest runs from chest down my neck and between my breasts. You let go of my head and let it down easy. I think you are getting off to get a towel to clean me up, but you actually just turn around locking my arms down with your legs and start finger fucking me. I cannot move at all as your full weight is holding me in place. I have no choice but to take the pounding as cum is drying. Talking to me about how wet I am so you know I loved you fucking my breasts. I can feel the need to cum building as your palm is working my clit relentlessly, and resist the urge to close down because it's almost too much to bare. You ask me to let go and tell me that you want to see me squirt. I can hear the determination in your voice and feel the determination in your touch, and I know you aren't going to stop.  You know I can do it. Even I know I can do it flashing back to the first time and as I do, I cum hard. My body convulses underneath you as you let up a little. Whatever you see is pleasing to you because you gently stop with a whispered good girl. I woke up soaked and so was the bed.

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