Monday, March 23, 2015

Waiting for You to Come Home

After I got done talking to you last night, I couldn't stop thinking about you coming home today.  I was lying in bed wishing just once, I could actually go to bed with you.  I want to know what it feels like to climb in bed, reach over and give you a kiss goodnight hopefully after a good fuck, drifting off to a peaceful sleep while I feel the heat radiate from your body.  I wonder what it is like to sleep next to someone I honestly feel safe with. Is it a heavy sleep or do I still wake just to be able to enjoy the experience?  I think about this more often than I care to admit, most often right after I send you a goodnight text with a virtual kiss.   I imagine this is one of those things that I will always want, but never get.

I had a really good dream about you even, but when I tried to put it into words, even in its simplest form, I just couldn't do it.  I'm not sure if that ever happens to you…you have a very vivid dream but the more you think about it or if you try to tell someone, you can't quite put it into words.  Even now, I can still see flashes of it, but I just can't put the story together.  Almost like it just doesn't make sense. Sort of like the words together don't make a complete sentence.

Since I can't give you, or even myself, that dream, I thought I would just write to you about what I can't wait for when you come home.  This isn't about what I can't wait for you to do to me, and of course there are many things.  I look forward to all of those things that you do to me, for me.  Always keeping me on my toes, never really being able to guess where you might go next.  Just when I think you'll go right, you turn left, and leave me totally surprised, sated and looking forward to doing that again.  Wishing to do it again, but not wanting to risk losing out on some new thing you want to do.  I hunger for those things in a way that makes me feel like I'm starving when you are away.  Of course, how could I not?  You made sure I would be left wanting you all week when you sent me the picture of you fucking naked before you left.  And me being the glutton for punishment that I am, has looked it many times.

No, this is about what I can't wait to do to you.  I want to kiss you deeply, putting my arms around your thick neck to pull you in harder so that I can feel your soft scruff brush against my face, letting your tongue invade me the way your cock does.  I wonder if you know that you kiss the way you fuck.  In command.  I like to fight for control of your mouth, but I know I'm nowhere near it. I want to try though.  I love that struggle.  I want to drop my hands down to your shirt, sliding them under the material so that I can run my hands down your back, feeling the strength of your muscles there.  Bringing my hands around to the front, so that I can feel your cock.  I want to push hard against it, like doing so will magically make your pants disappear.  I want to wrap my hand around the cock that love so much. Feel it grow beneath my grasp.  I want to take you to the bedroom and get your clothes off just as fast as I fucking can.

I want to put your dick in my mouth, to feel that satiny hardness.  I want to explore your cock like I have forgotten everything about it.  I want it nice and wet while my hand works in an easy pace with my mouth, savoring your taste.  I want to hear your breathing change as I swirl my tongue around the tip before I drag my wet hand all the way down to release you.  I want to leave feeling like you must take your cock in your own hands.  I want to take your balls in my mouth, sucking on each gently, so they are equally charged. So when I run my tongue from your ass back to your balls and work them back in my mouth I can hear your breathing change again.  I want to hear your soft moans as I pull your ass closer to my mouth, using my free hand to very gently pull your balls as I do.  I want to lick down your ass, grazing my ultimate goal before I plunge in. I want to feel you rock a little against my tongue as I try to reach deeper.  I want to hear your voice let me know just how close you are so I can take your cock back in my mouth. I want to drink you down as you cum hard.  A week of need being quieted.  I want to see that so very sexy smile of satisfaction spread across your face.

I want to build the need in you that you build in me, because I want a taste of you.  I need a taste of you.  I'm so very hungry, so please hurry home and find some time for me.

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