Saturday, February 28, 2015

Lunch Tease

This dream came a couple of weeks after the encounter in my last post.  I feel like I'm always waiting, and you are always keeping me needy through our texts between visits.  All of that build up and constant teasing led to this dream...

You texted me first thing in the morning with a Let's have lunch.  Come over at noon.  I was already excited.  The text hadn't woken me, since I was up early thinking about not thinking about you.  It had been a couple of weeks since I saw you and had resigned myself to stop hoping you would be free.  I can feel myself getting wet already and I slip a finger down to feel. For a brief moment, I think about continuing, but decide that I have a lot to do.  I jump in the shower and make sure that everything is perfectly smooth, soft and ready to be touched.  I rub lotions and oils in to keep everything supple and can feel that I am wet again already.  I decide to stay completely nude as I do my makeup and hair so that I am not soaking through my underwear already.  My husband walks by and raises an eyebrow, but doesn't ask what I have planned today.  I smile slyly and say nothing myself.  I select my underwear with care, not that you care.  It's for me.  The matching bra and underwear are cool against my skin and hold me tightly, binding me.  I picked a lace set to hide just how wet I am thinking about seeing you.  It's warm out so I pick a dress. The dress is lusty and definitely not lunch appropriate.

The dream jumps and I am pulling up to your house.  I can hear Take me to Church playing on my stereo as I take second to put your red lipstick on.  As I step out of my car, I can feel how slippery wet I am already and can't wait for you to touch me.  You greet me at the door and your hazel eyes burn into me, I have to look away.  You pull me close, pick me up and pin me against the door.  You kiss me hard and deep and push me harder against the door.  I can feel the molding sweetly digging into my back.  You slide your hand to my legs, currently wrapped around you, and guide them down so that I am standing again.  I hear you breathe into my ear asking if you can check.  I barely get out a please before you are already plunging into me and I feel you grin with satisfaction and you let out a whispered good girl.  And then you let go.  You turn and I am left panting and wondering what you are doing.  You turn back to me and ask me if I'm coming.  We are still going to lunch?!?  Ugh. 

I don't remember a drive or even getting in your car.  We are at sitting in the restaurant and are ordering food.  I'm trying to take you in and not get overwhelmed with need.  You, of course, are staring.  You do this when you know I am avoiding your gaze.  The waiter is gone and we are by ourselves.  And then you start in.  This is not going to be a typical lunch where we talk about mundane things.  You are telling me about the things that you want to do to me when we get home.  Telling me about how much you want to taste my pussy, pin me down and finger fuck me until I explode, fucking and stretching out all of my holes, etc.  I have heard all of it before and experienced most of them, but I can't help but to turn red with desire.  I'm not embarrassed, but I do feel very naughty.  The waiter keeps coming by and I'm still very needy from a little earlier.  I'm silently thanking God that I just ordered some soup because I'm not going to last very long.  It's always torture having lunch with you, having to set across from you and wanting to touch you in public.  This is so much worse.  I feel like I'm being water boarded and cannot breathe.  Pounding me with more and more dreamy thoughts, never giving me a moments rest.  You did not order something light and are taking your sweet time eating while asking me questions about what you are saying and if I want that too.  Deep inside of me, I am throbbing. I am done with my soup, sitting quietly trying to keep my breathing under control and I reply with, "no, I don't want it, I need it."  At this point, I am afraid that there is going to be a huge wet spot when I do get up. 

The next thing I know is we are in your car.  Your hand is innocently in my lap and you are sort of singing along with the radio.  I feel your hand slip under my dress and caress my upper thigh and you can feel just how wet I am as it has escaped the confines of my panties long ago.  You are smiling now, but still singing. I cannot hear what you are signing as I can only feel at this point, concentrating on your hand.  I am willing you to move farther up, but you don't.  Still teasing me.  I am watching you.  You, for a change, haven't looked at me once since we got in the car.  My hand is on yours tugging for it to move closer, but you are being stubborn.  You won't touch me, so I decide to touch you and reach over with my free hand and place it on your cock.  I feel you adjust a little, but you give nothing else up.  You don't stop singing, you don't move your hand. Nothing. So I apply a bit of pressure and do what you won't, gently rubbing.  I do this as until we pull into your garage.  You calmly get out of the car and walk to the house.  You hold the door open for me as I walk in and as you let the door go, you wrap your arms around me and pull me in.  Then you kiss me deeply. 

That was it.  I never got to go back in the bedroom.  Needless to say I was ready to go when I woke up this morning.

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