Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rainy Day

This was the first time I was asked to retell an actual encounter between Jay and I.  He had a very important day today and nailed it, so I thought I would post another day where he skillfully nailed it for me.

I hurried up the stairs to your house, braving the cold and the rain getting wetter with every step.  You opened the door and the house is warm, always beckoning for me to come in and take my clothes off.  You are shirtless and look ready to devour.  Unlike my dreams where I am brave, I do not make eye contact. I pause for a moment to take you in and your immediate compliments undo me.  I'm wearing your red lipstick today, and you notice immediately so I'm not sure I'll get a kiss hello since I know you want it around your cock.  You move closer to kiss me and I know I need it badly.  I linger for a moment, hesitant because my hands are cold, but I have to touch you.  Feel your warmth radiating out begging to be caressed.  And when I do touch you, you don't flinch.  We kiss for a moment longer while your hands begin to explore beneath my pants and I kiss you harder.  You pull away and lead me back to your room.  The door shuts and my mind quiets. 

You turn me to face you and begin to undress me.  I love when you do this, even when it doesn't come easy.  This time I am rewarded with how good I smell.  You ask me to lay back, and instead of undressing you come with me.  You kiss me and my hands immediately wrap around your neck.  I am obsessed with how this feels, my hands on your neck or in your hair. You make a comment about me not liking to be kissed and I am in shock.  I love being kissed, especially by you and I've never said anything different.  While I'm thinking about where this comment comes from, you place your finger on my clit, and my whole body jumps in surprise.  I know that you have eating pussy on your mind, but I have an immediate need for you to be inside of me and go searching in your pants for your cock.  You have no underwear on and I'm tickled inside.  I can hear you talking about me being wet, but I can't recall exactly what you have said.  Just when I have found my prize, you pull off of me.  I come up also, so I can see what you are doing.  You are untying orange drawstrings that I'm sure I've never seen before, and then you unveil my prize and an almost audible yes escapes my mouth.  You watch me taking you in. I've worked hard and been patient for this, and I will take a moment to sit with you standing naked in front of me.  I've earned my moment to drink you in.  In this moment you are mine.  I could do this forever. I love looking at you naked, whether you are hard or not.  Fucking mesmerizing. 

Then you lead me down on my back as you get on your knees.  You are asking me to spread my legs and my pussy so you can see how fucking wet it is.  Jeez, you are a visual man.  I feel for a moment myself and am not disappointed.  So wet.  You come down onto me and immediately electricity bolts through me. You've been talking about going down on me for weeks and we haven't done it for months, so I'm not sure what is making me more excited.  The anticipation, the exploration of your tongue, your hot fucking breath as it hits my exposed clit, or the fact that I know that you are working yourself at the same time.  My hands release the bed and run through your hair, as I do my best to not grab you by your ears and fucking go to town.  Just when I'm not sure I can keep from doing just that, you pull up and get ready to fucking fill me.  All I can do is thank God.  I very much enjoy you eating my pussy, but I can't see you or anything thing other than my breasts, and I like to feel much more of you than that allows.

When you first enter me, it always takes a couple of times.  I'm not sure I'll ever be able to take you in with one fucking thrust.  My God you are big.  I do love the pain as my pussy finally grants access.  You are talking to me, but I can't comprehend what you are saying until you command me to watch as you are fucking me.  I gladly do this and reach around for your balls. I sometimes feel like I play too hard, and it's as if I just keep going I can get them inside of me as well.  Like a barrier I'm trying to overcome.  You have my legs up and bent and putting what feels like all of your weight on my thighs.  This becomes excruciating, but I cannot ask you to stop.  My body won't let me cry out.  I release your balls to help put pressure the other way on my thighs only to be asked if I will keep playing with them.  I can't help but to please you at this moment, so I relent.  I take the pain with every thrust.  You pull off of me and command me to my knees so that I can taste how my pussy tastes.

I get on my knees and immediately put you in my mouth.  Savoring your taste as well as mine.  You are asking me to suck like you have taught me, so I start to work your cock and with my mouth and hand.  I have not mastered this by any means so I am distracted by thoughts of am I doing it right, or that my mouth and hand are not yet in sync, and how I really need to stop a second and spit in my hand so that I don't hurt you.  You aren't guiding me this time, in fact you aren't touching me at all.  I wrap my free hand around your ass and pull you tighter to me. I don't suck harder, but I take you in deeper so I can help wet your cock and my hand. At this point though, I'm not helping as much as I am bearing down with my hand so I can feel every vein and ripple in your cock.  I can hear you saying that it feels good, so I stop worrying about all of those thoughts and keep going.  I trust you'll ask me to change something if it needs to be.  I want you to cum, but you are clearly not ready.  I'm not even sure I could make you cum this way.  You stop me and pull me up, turn me around and bend me over the bed. 

I think you will fuck my ass, but you don't.  As you slip into my pussy, I don’t have time to be anything but pleased anyway as I love when you are behind me.  I can see your balls hit me with every thrust, and I reach back to feel them.  To pull you closer to me.  Instead you want me to finger my clit while you are fucking me.  I am drier than I would like to be at this point, but I comply without spitting into my hand.  I have no spit anyway.  It feels good regardless, but I know it won't for long.  You ask if my legs are ok, but they are great.  They only get really shaky when you are fucking my ass, since I am tenser.  In fact, I really want you to fuck me harder and faster.  You won't let me stop fingering myself, and it drives the desire more.  I plead for you to fuck me hard. You ask what I said, and I can't tell if it's because you didn't hear me or because you want to hear me plead again.  I stop fingering myself again to speak louder only to be commanded to start again.  I plead louder for you to fuck me harder and you finally comply.  It feels so fucking good and I need it so fucking bad.  Now you start to talk about tying my hands behind my back and fucking the shit out of me just like this.  You talk about this often enough that I know it’s coming.  And what I know for sure is that it's making this moment even hotter, if that's at all possible.  I know you won't spank me today, afraid to mark me, and it been weeks since you have, so this will be as rough as I can get you to be.  Like a mind reader, you too are now talking to me about not spanking me which just makes me want it more.  I am thinking about begging for it. 

I can feel you spreading my ass open over and over again. And it is just begging to be fucked.  With so much force, you are out of me and pushing me to the bed hard with my leg sprawled out.  This has taken me by complete surprise and a little bit of force is so fucking hot.  You are now kneeling behind me and that expert tongue is running up and down my ass.  I cannot believe how good this feels and before I can wonder, your tongue is inside of me.  You are a fucking animal down there and if I had had any leverage whatsoever, I would have been bearing down on you it felt so amazing. 

I know I have lost fucking time, because the next thing I can remember is you still on your knees, I am now on my back and you are fingering the hell out of me.  It's all too much and it feels like I'm going to cum.  Something about me laying on my back seems to make it impossible though.  You are violent though and I do so love when you are fucking determined.  I can hear you telling me to let go, but before I can you are pushing me farther up on the bed, spitting on your hand and getting ready to fill me again. I am watching the head of your cock rubbing up and down my clit before entering and I can barely breathe. Then you are in and you feel amazing.  It's so good, and we are back to how we began.  Although, this time we are both so close to cumming that I know it won't last.  I can hear you talking about being close, but I can't possibly be asked to stop.  Not yet and so I ask for it to last a moment longer.  I can feel you getting closer too though, and I know that as much as I want to lock down on you and ride you until you cum, until I cum, I can't do it.  You have other plans and I can hear the need in your voice, so I relent. 

I am asked to get on my knees and suck your balls.  I love this and am surprised by how much I need this.  Your balls are so big, that I really have to work them into my very dry mouth.  I can hear you talking, but I have no idea what you are saying.  I'm lost in my task, so I stop for a second to hear what you are saying.  Other than telling me that you weren't asking me to stop, I still got very little of what you said.  I have switched sides, and you are working away at yourself.  I pull you tighter into me and start to get closer to your ass and I can feel the change in your body.  I can't see you from this angle, but I want to.  You grab a hold of my hair so tightly and pull me slightly back so that I have nowhere to go.  I can hear your say you are getting ready and then it hits.  Hard and furious.  I recall now you asking me and me telling you I wanted it in the face.  I'm not sure that it mattered, because when it hit me, it went everywhere.  In my mouth, in my eyes, on my breasts, in my hair, and oh yeah on my face. I swallowed what hit my mouth and reveled in your taste.  I can only imagine what I looked like.  It's funny to me even now, but when it was happening it seemed so much hotter than it probably looked to you. As I opened my eyes, and I could see your still dripping cock right in front of me, I couldn't help but to put in my mouth one more time to get the last bit.

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