Monday, February 23, 2015

Airport Drop Off

This was the first dream I ever wrote up for Jay, but not my first homework.  I'm skipping to this today because he is leaving town and as much as I want to drop him off this morning, I can't. 

So in my dream… it had been several weeks since I last saw you and you were leaving again, so we had arranged for me to take you to the airport. I woke up in need, fucking wet and practically panting from the anticipation of getting to see you, even if it would be short lived. It was warm out so I picked out a dress to wear and decided that I would make this as hard for you as it would be for me, so no underwear. I jumped in the car raced over as carefully as I could with my mind already occupied with what could be.

I pulled up to your house, got out of my car and waited for you to come out.  Just seeing you again in person was intoxicating enough and as I took a moment to breathe you in, I could already feel this was going to be much harder for me than I thought. You climbed in the car and as I climbed in I made sure to hike my dress up just far enough that it was clear that I wasn't wearing anything else. You asked and I smiled naughtily and confirmed that I was bare. Your look became heated and asked if you could feel. I confidently said no. I knew I wouldn't be able to stop if we started and I needed to be able to drive. I remember having to physically pull your hand away which was pure torture.

I don't remember any of the drive though. Then all of a sudden I was driving though the parking garage looking for an empty space. I couldn't just drop you off at the curb because I really had to be kissed and preferably hard. It hadn't been discussed, but you weren't complaining. I found a place near the back, pulled in and turned the car off.  We had some time, but not much.

By the time I parked, you were already reaching over to touch me. I leaned over to accept my well-deserved kiss, and you asked for permission to feel me. Before I could say anything, your hand was already finding and entering me. As a small sound of intense pleasure escaped me, I could feel the smile spread across your face. You clearly owned me and whispered so in my ear. Then ordered me in the backseat.

We both got out and as I did, I could feel my wetness running down my legs. It wouldn't take long for me. Before I could even get settled in the back, you already had your hands in my hair pulling me back and down to the seat. I was completely lost until your other hand found what it needed and you started to finger me. I can't even adequately put into words the power of that simple touch.  I released your neck and found your cock. I unzipped your pants and release your shaft. We still had to be very careful since you needed to keep clean for your flight, but I had a deep need to be penetrated, and needed it quickly. You let go of me and spit in your hand to get things moving closer to the edge for you. I watched intently, mesmerized by you pleasuring yourself. It wasn't long before I couldn't stand it much longer and brought my head forward to greedily take you in. You were about to ask me to do so anyway, but since I beat you to it, I had to take a second to smile with my own satisfaction. You were so fucking hard and soft at the same time I couldn't stand it. I started to suck harder, moving up and down the shaft, pulling you closer and deeper. I heard your breathing change and your hands were in my hair again to hold me still and suddenly I was tasting your sweet salty cum in my mouth.  I'm pretty sure I heard you say fuck and then I woke up.

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